Pregnancy Bulimia And Vomiting

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lid - September 5

I suffer from bulimia almost 10 years now I am 1,5 month pregnant and when I vomit I always press my stomach with my fingers in order to get rid of all the food. I fear that I have or will hurt my baby by doing this.


kelsmi - September 8

Please tell me you are seeking help for this!? You have to know that what you are doing is not good for your child - it's your responsibility to care for that helpless being. I will pray for you and your baby.


Terio - September 10

You fear that you will hurt your baby by doing this? Yes, you are right. And you're very selfish for keeping this up. Why don't you terminate the pregnancy instead of making this poor being suffer and fight for the nutrition you're denying it? God, I wish I wouldn't have read this...


jennifer_33106 - September 10

Yeah Terio, that was a useless comment to tell the truth. Anyways, Bulimia is a not just a habit or even a choice. It is a disease. Honey go get some help ok. Your baby needs all the nutrients that you are getting rid of. You do have a disease and you need to take care of it!! It is not your fault and you are not selfish. You just are in need of help. You can start getting yourself help by calling 1-866-575-8179 and finding a center near you. Good Luck and make sure to get help not only for your baby's sake but for yours as well.


charee - January 7

Talk to your DR and yes, especially dont press on your stomach. BUT GEEZE PEOPLE, Dont be so freakin RUDE. She is coming on here for help and support not to be yelled at.


missarose22 - April 7

If you haven't started already please please take a pre natal vitamin!


rrrrebecca22 - April 7

Eating disorders are hard to deal with and even harder to suffer from. even when people recover from eating disorders, they almost never actually resume 'normal' eating habits. hopefully you will have a healthy pregnancy and child, and the new baby will give your life a new focus... and maybe further help you to completely recover from your ED :) good luck!



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