Prenatal Vitamin What Brand Do You Take

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Gemmie - July 13

At my first prenatal visit I was not examined but only talked to a nurse and she gave me free samples of a prenatal vitamin called NOVASTART. Has anyone taken this? What prenatal do you take???


AH - July 14

I take an over-the-counter (from our local food chain) prenatal vitamin. My doctor said this was fine.


shelly - July 24

I take Nutrinate


Melissa - July 25

I take Life Brand prenatal vitamins (they are from Shoppers Drugmart) They have all the same quant_ties as Centrum, but they also have selenium, and they cost A LOT less.


Melanie - July 27

I take Natelle-Ez. its a big pink pill! it's really worked well for me... :)


Kel - August 11

I take PrimaCare One prescribed to me by my OB-GYN.


Beth - August 12

Pre-nate Elite. I take it at bedtime so I don't feel sick in the morning.


micah - August 20

a prescribed vitamin- natelle


neel - August 22

I take pregnacare it comprises of all vitamins u need


kara - August 23

primacare one softgel trx- big purple gel pill.


Tina - August 28

I take Primacare One with omega3and 6 which is easier on your stomach if you have morning sickness


Monique - September 4

My doc gave me DuetDHA by StuartNatal. Has 1 vitamin and 1 omega-3 oil vitamin per day. I had bought over the counter from whole foods market and my Doc said prescribed ones have higher amounts of vitamins (over the counter kind I took 3 times a day for a total of 800 mg a day, prescription one- once a day 1,000mg)


Angie - September 5

I take Materna pre-natal vitamins. But I am sure that most brans would be ok- take whatever you are comfortable with.


Kate P - September 7

My obgyn gave me about 10 week long smaples off prenatals to take one after the other. After all of them, I can definately say that the 2 Nova Start types were definatly the best in texture and taste. Both are going to be very important if I plan to get and keep them down when the morning sickness begins!!!


K - September 7

I take Prenate Elite before I go to bed.


adzo - September 9

i take vitatol is that good and do u know what it actually contains cos the pharmacy i contacted after my doctor prescribed it is delaying


Tiffany - September 9

I take PrimaCare One.



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