Quitting Smoking While Pregnant

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kellybelly - July 25

I just recently found out Im pregnant and am at 9 weeks... I was a smoker but with a quick glance at the possitive test I quit.... Now I am craving one like mad!! Any suggestions?


tonya - July 28

i am a smoker as well i am 6weeks my doctor said to quit is the best but if i even cut back to a few a day is just as good as well i have been trying to stop but it is hard i have been only smoking 3 or 4 a day i used to smoke a pack or more a day


KT - July 28

I went through the same thing. Im now 28 weeks and smoke free, but in the beginning it was hard. It took me a couple weeks in the beginning to stop. I would take a hit of one here and there. After I left my first appointment and they did the sonogram that was it. haven't smoked since. Theres no way after seeing my lil boy that I could take that guilt. I still get cravings which I thought would fade. It sucks but there bearable. Just think of that poor lil baby in you inhaling all those toxins when you do it. If I could quit you guys could to. I loved smoking, but will never go back. Why quit for 9 mnths and start again. It feels so good not to smoke. I feel a lot healthier.


lynnstress - July 29

I am a smoker who has been having a hard time quitting completely. I especially want to smoke after I eat, or when around other smokers - my parents and older sister. I'm 20 weeks now, and at my 16-wk appointment, the NP suggested the rubber band on the wrist trick - snap it whenever you have a craving, and saying something out loud, like "My baby is a non-smoker." Also, lemon and cinnamon work on the same taste buds as nicotine / tobacco. Dentyne Fire gum really helps me with those cravings. Good luck to everybody!


Jessie V - August 1

I also quit the minute I got my pos. hpt. That was @ 8 weeks, I'm now 21 weeks and no more cravings. The first two weeks were hard then it got easier. Now I can't stand the smell of smoke.


XOkimXO - August 1

The second i found out i was pregnant i through the pack in the trash and thought i would be able to do it cold turkey. I craved cigs for about a week, my husband who is in the military has a smoke at work one day and came home and stunk of smoke. I threw up for about a hour and that was it for me. Unfortunately, that pregnancy resulted in a m/c, one i miscarried i started smokeing again. Now i am tryign to quit again knowing we are trying to concieve again.



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