Safe Dieting Whilst Pregnant

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karen - April 20

does anyone have advice on how many calories are safe during pregnancy is weightwatchers safe as its balanced. what about atkins? just had a 5 month baby and expecting again will be so big this time which isnt healthy any safe ideas my midwife tells me not to diet at all. also any advice on getting rid of oedema still have it in my legs.


Lily - April 20

My midwife recommended atkins. or even just reducing my carb intake, but not eliminating it altogether. I would consult your doctor for sure...


Raye Lynn - April 20

my midwife and doctor both said "ABSOLUTELY NO ATKINS" The ketones released are TOXIC to the baby. Please do not try this!! Reduce your refined sugar carbs like white rice, white bread, etc... You should still eat brown rices, whole wheats etc... Eat LOTS of fruits and veggies first and foremost, drink 128 ounces of water a day. If you lose some weight its ok, but not a lot. Edema can be help with ice, cold wraps, ma__sage, drinking all the water will help as well get the circulation going. Good luck


Mel J - April 28

i totally agree w/ raye lynn! all u have to do is watch what u eat, & don't snack on junk, esp. late at night. as for your edema it will do you A LOT of good to elevate your feet whenever possible. (i know thats hard w/ a 5 mo. old)


Lemongra__s - April 28

Oh God Can anyone help? I have just found out I am 12 weeks pregnant at 41! Worse still is that I have just finished a strict hospital diet restricting me to 850 cals per day. Have I damaged my baby? Diet was good - nutiritious and controlled, no caffeine or alcohol. A plus is that I have been taking folic acid as part of my multi vit. I am a serial miscarrier (7) and had lots to use up. Would really appreicate some help here?


NG - May 9

what to eat when you are expecting, it is a great book with lots answers


Happy Mommy - May 10

Karen, Whatever you do, do NOT go on any type of weight loss diet. I am overweight and just found out I am pregnant. I have done MUCH research on this topic and it is ALL BAD NEWS for the baby! Dieting can cause growth retardation, low birth weight, and so many nasty problems for the baby. Do not get hung up on weight now. It is too late. You are pregnant now and what matters most is the health of your baby! I found a wonderful pregnancy diet that I am posting here. Follow this diet. Your baby needs good nutrious foods. Just cut back on junk foods. They are not healthy and do not benefit you or the baby. What Is A Good, Nutritious, Balanced Diet? Every day of the week, you and your baby must have: One quart (4 cups) of milk. Any kind will do: whole milk, low fat, skim, powdered, or b___termilk. If you do not like milk, you can subst_tute one cup of yogurt for each cup of milk. Two eggs. One or two servings of fish, shellfish, chicken or turkey, lean beef, veal, lamb, pork, liver or kidney. Alternative combinations include: Rice with beans, cheese, sesame, milk Cornmeal with beans, cheese, tofu, milk. Beans with rice, bulgur, cornmeal, wheat noodles sesame seeds, milk. Peanuts with: sunflower seeds, milk. Whole wheat bread or noodles with: beans, cheese, peanut b___ter, milk, tofu. For each serving of meat, you can subst_tute these quant_ties of cheese: Brick 4 oz. Longhorn 3 oz. Camembert 6 oz. Muenster 4 oz. Cheddar 3 oz. Monterey Jack 4 oz. Cottage 6 oz. Swiss 3 oz. One or two servings of fresh, green, leafy vegetables: mustard, beet, collard, dandelion or turnip greens, spinach, lettuce, cabbage, broccoli, kale, Swiss chard. Five servings of whole grain breads, rolls, cereals or pancakes: wheatena, 100% bran flakes, granola, shredded wheat, wheat germ, oatmeal, buckwheat or whole wheat pancakes, corn bread, corn tortillas, corn or bran or whole wheat muffins, waffles, brown rice. Two choices from: a whole potato (any style), large green pepper, grapefruit, lemon, lime, papaya, tomato (one piece of fruit, or one large gla__s of juice). Three pats of b___ter. Also include in your diet, in addition to the above (i.e., don't count one food in two categories): A yellow- or orange-colored vegetable or fruit five times a week. Liver once a week, if you like it. Table salt: SALT YOUR FOOD TO TASTE Water: Drink to thirst. It is not healthy for you and your unborn baby to go even 24 hours without good food!


mommy4life - May 10

Diets are definately not good. Dr.'s will usually put you on a diabetic diet if you are overweight. If you talk to a nutritionist, they will tell you just about the same thing. The key is eating whole foods, foods closest to natural, and eating every 2-3 hours. And food separation is key also. Having carbs at one meal and protiens at another, you aren't depriving yourself of anything. Well, except junk foods. Some should eat 1800 calories a day. And some have 3000 calories a day, just depending on what they think you will need. Some excercise is also good for the baby, walking and things like that. I just finished reading this guys book And I finally understand the food separtion. Just seen this post and thought I would share it, someone maybe find it very useful. By the way, his wife is Asia Carrera, (yes, I found out she was a p___nstar) but she just gave birth to a beautiful baby girl in March. She gained 60 pounds, but looked great. He is really great, and you can email with him and he really works with you to keep you (and your baby) healthy. Just thought I would share with everyone. :)



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