Side Effects From Taking Raspberry Leaf Pills Tea

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asianmummy_downunder - August 18

im 38 weeks and 5 days. i took 2 tablets of raspberry pills as instructed for adult dosaged for the 1st time today. after few minutes of taking it i felt very light headed, its like my blood pressure went down or something. is this suppose to be happening? has anyone esle ever had side effects from taking the raspberry leaf tea/ pills? im from australia and i couldnt find any red raspberry leaf tea. i read from alot of post on this site that its very highly reccommended to soften the cervix and gives easy, fast labor.


lousummerbaby2008 - May 29

hi! that light headed feeling could be related to your blood sugar level dropping a little. Raspberry leaf has been been known to do that in some people, it shouldn't do you any harm unless your diabetic in which case you probably shouldnt take it again! otherwise jus make sure u take the pills after you've had something to eat. im drinking the raspberry leaf tea im 37 weeks and so far so good! some other friends of mine who have drank said they definately found it helped their labour so hopefully it'll do the same for us!


E586467 - May 29

Hi asianmummy_downunder I too am from Australia & you can buy raspberry leaf tea but usually only from a health food store. All the big supermarkets DON'T sell it. If you have a Westfield shopping center near you there is usually at least one health food store located within it. Are the raspberry leaf tabs you're taking from Blackmores? I too took them at the end of both my pregnancies & plan too with this one, but I started taking it early in the 3rd trimester but only took 1 tab 2 times a day - gradually increasing - so my body had time to get used to it. I never got dizzy but did have VERY strong braxton hicks once I started taking the higher dose.


sabrina pearson - April 21

One thing most people dont know about RLT is that it naturally lowers blood sugar. so if you are going to drink it make sure you eat somthing sweet or somthing with a fairly high sugar content in it. or it will cause light headedness. i haven't had this problem but i have had heart palpitations and troble breathing. I'm 37weeks and i have been taking RLT and evening primrose oil for about a week and still waiting for somthing to happen. Son i hope. Good luck ladiesP:)



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