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tina - November 15

Of course I know that you should drink as little soda as possible because of the sugar and caffine, but does anyone know if it is ok to freely drink non-caffinated diet soda during pregnancy along with juice, milk, and water.


Jo - November 16

I would stay away from diet sodas because of the artificial sweetner


Lynn - November 16

You want to stay away from the artificial sweetener and also, soda has a ton of sodium in it too which can affect blood pressure during pregnancy.


Allie - November 22

From my reseach aspartame is ok (in moderation), saccharane is not. Most diet drink scontain the firsdt, but be sure to check the label. I also think that anything made with splenda would probably be ok, but I have no research to back that...


Shell - November 30

Basically, what you eat, your baby eats.. and you wouldn't feed soda to a newborn so why feed it to a waiting-to-be-born? I think everything in moderation with stuff like soda, do your best to avoid it but don't make yourself miserable.


tina - November 30

Actually Iv'e gotten clarrification on this from my doctor since Iv'e posted this. It's preferabley no more thasn 1 to 2 cans a day. Thanks.


Terry - November 30

To Shell- I wouldn't give my baby chocolate,wine,cheeseburgers,or ice-cream either, but that doesn't mean that women who have these things in moderation during their pregnancies are going to do anything bad to their unborn. It's my understanding that a little soda is'nt anything that is going to effect an unborn. Lots and lots of women drink soda while pregnant, a lot of times to help control their calory intake with diet soda. Just do it in moderation.


Delores - December 1

If you drink soda go for the regular. Sugar is better for you and your baby than artificial sweetener.


r - December 2

Both diet and regular should be considered to be used in the same way. I've never heard a doctor advicate regular soda more than diet soda. Regular soda , I believe, still contains harmful chemical elements recomended to be used equally spareingly.


amapolitamomma - December 2

I craved root-beer throughout my whole pregnancy. I have to have it. Even those little candies. Anyway, in my last trimester the midwife did a blood test and my sodium levels were way too low. I guess I was being too careful.


Ginny - December 2

Stay away from diet like the plague. Remember that all soda will mess with the calcium/phosphorus balance in your body. It is very bad for bone development. Of course then theres caffine and all the other bad chemicals. Stick to water and herbal teas if you can. Raspberry leaf tea is very good durring pregnancy and is high in calcium as well as being a good uterine toner.



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