Stretch Marks Or Not

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erin - May 12

doctors say that no lotions help, that if your mother had stretch marks than you will. Does anyone have evidence of the contrary? a mom with marks, but a cream or lotion still helped?


Jenner - May 26

My Chinese doctor said that rubbing coco b___ter on the belly prevents stretch marks.


Jessica - May 27

my best friend's mother had stretch marks with her and they didn't even fade. Aware of this she decided to try and at least decress the amount she'd have. So she tried Palmer's Stretch mark prentative lotion and didn't end up with many stretch marks at all. I'm trying the same method


Bella - June 5

My mom had strech marks really bad. She gained like 50lbs with her first pregnancy. I never got any stretch marks on my stomach and I gained 30lbs. I think my skin is more like my father though. So you may not be able to tell by your mother. Gotta check both the grandmas.


lou - June 6

my mother and aunt never got stretch 22 weeks pregnant and so far have none. im using palmers stretch mark cream also. i have always had tiny stretch marks on d inside of my thighs but der only a silvery colour so cant even notice dem really but so far my stomach has none.


nicole - June 16

stretch marks or not


re - June 21

lotions can def help from what ive seen with family and friends who have had kids. Palmers sounds like the way to go but i think any good moisturiser applied reguarly should help.


Miss T - June 25

my mother doesn't have not even a single one and i have them from my first pregnancy, i want to try palmer though apparently it helps to reduce existing ones and prevent new ones


lynnstress - July 8

I never asked my mom, but I already have stretch marks from gaining and losing weight over the past 20 years! The ones I have are the "clear" ones also. Haven't bought anything for prevention, but maybe I will...


Lynea - July 10

My mother has had 4 kids ( 2 w/in the last 4 yrs) and has not one stretch mark, nor does my aunt or grandmother. Well I have them, I also used lotion and it just never worked.


bean - July 27

Both my mom and sister have horrible stretch marks. I'm about the same size, eat the same foods etc. and with my first baby I got not a single stretch mark after gaining nearly 40lbs. I'm now 27 weeks along with number 2 and still have none. I think my secret is vitamin E oil. I pinch open two gel caps each morning and rub the contents on my belly. It's sticky, but it seems to work:)


shellie - July 31

I'm now 6 months pregnant with my second child and I don't have any stretch marks on my stomach. Palmers Cocoa B___ter Cream really helped me. I think if I wouldn't have used it I would have a lot of them. Just use it religously. Everytime you take a shower put the cream on. It really does help!!!! (wal-mart $3.95)


Steph - August 16

I got stretch marks BAD. I think it just depends on th eperson because I used the coco b___ter creams and everything but nothing helped. Some people get them and some don't. My mom never got them and she had 4 kids. My sister has a friend who didn't have stretch marks while she was pregnant but once she had he baby she got stretch marks from her skin going back to normal size so fast.


Emma - August 22

I am almost due, and up until one month ago my stomach had no stretch marks on it at all. In the last month I have gotten very minor stretch marks around my belly b___ton. I think because I used creams so religiously all along, I barely got any stretch marks, even after gaining 45 lbs. The Body Shop's Body B___ter is really great!


missy - September 20

well i think somestretch marks are beauty but some yes can be awfull but that nature nothing can change that i know that doctors say there is nothign that can reduce thems but lots of people use the cream they dont know the name but its on tv sometimes..


Lisa - September 20

I think it is mostly genetics; but lifestyle and weight gain play a lot in there too. I just ordered some 100% Pure Shea and Cocoa B___ter from Africa to help...also if your stomach itches try not to scratch it as it can break tiny vessels and give you marks. Put lotion on it right away and keep your belly, things, b___t and b___sts moisturized.



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