Taking Spirulina

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meeza - February 27

Hi all, I'm 6 weeks pregnant and my doctor asked me to take the normal prenatal supplement: folic acid plus Vitamin B complex. Prior to pregnancy, I took spirulina and it worked great for me. But now, I'm not sure if I should continue taking it. I read that spirulina is a good supplement for pregnant women. So, I was wondering if I took spirulina, should I take additional prenatal supplement (I will continue taking extra folic acide)? Anybody taking spirulina while pregnant? I don't want to get vitamin or mineral overload, but don't want to be deficient either. I'm also a bit underweight too: 92lbs and 5'2. I had a miscarriage last year, so I get worried about many things. Well, hope someone can help. Thanks!


LadyTinz - September 17

Hi, i am also in the same boat as you. I can't live w/o spirulina, got pregnant back in March and found I had a miscarriage at 7 weeks. I don' t want to blame my use of spirulina for my loss, but it would be handy to know if it is beneficial or the contrary, cuz i want to TTC again!! Any advise helps. Thanks


pgagain - September 23

I would not take it during pregnancy because of the high level of heavy metals in it. Primarily mercury that can cause signifigant brain damage. If you are considering taking it anyway at least wait till after your 12th week.


nestynoonar - October 14

Hi, i am experiencing a miscarriage at the moment. I should be 8 weeks but the foetus didn't develop beyond 6. I too was taking spirulina and am concerned that this may have contributed. My future plan will be to take it for the first two weeks of my cycle from af to ovulation then stop. I've read no evidence to suggest it could cause a m/c but it's better to be safe than sorry i think. With regards to it CONTAINING heavy metals - it does not contain mercury as it it highly toxic. What it does do it help the body rid itself of acc_mulated heavy metals. This is why it is not recommended that you START taking it during pregnancy for the first time as it causes a significant detox. Sorry for all you losses xx



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