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DONNA - September 9



Michelle - July 13

I have never heard of CHAI tea, but if the container does not say caffeine free, I would not drink it.Maybe at the store you could double check the tea section for caffeine free Chai tea. Good luck!


brucen - July 21

What else is in the tea, you should check all ingredients not just caffeine content. Some herbs are harmful during pregnancy.


Denni - August 3

Chai tea is black tea with spices - naturally it has caffeine but can be purchased decaf in some brands. I believe Stash Tea has decaf Chai Spice available if you can find it at your supermarket. I don't know if Starbucks has decaf Chai available, though, if that's where you get yours.


Jennifer - August 10

Stash tea has a decaf chai tea - its called chai spice decaf tea - good luck


Kristen - August 27

I've been doing research on the same subject and have found that CHAI tea does contain caffeine. You can however buy decaf Chai.Make sure the container specifies it is DECAF.


Tina - September 9

I learned something about Chai tea the hard way....my husband, baby and I stopped for coffee after baby's first dr's appt...I had a chai tea two hours before feeding baby. He is one week old but was already eating regularly at 2.5-3 hours. He was awake every 45 minutes for 5 hours displaying signs of hunger. CHAI tea is typically made with black tea and DOES have a lot of caffeine in it. I also believe the spices in chai tea irritated his stomach. It made for a long night and a lesson learned early on. This is one mom who will be giving up chai tea lattes until we are finished b___stfeeding.


Rhonda - November 17

Starbucks does carry a decaf Chai. We have it at our local grocery...it's the light yellow box as opposed to the darker box. Mix with milk and enjoy!


Candy - January 7

Yes, there is caffeine in in unless you opt for decaf.


Aimee - March 4

There IS caffeine in most chai tea. What I wonder is are the herbs in chai ok?


Jenn - March 4

I LOVE Chai tea too. My favorite is by Tastefully Simple. I'm pretty sure that it does have caffeine, but a cup every now in then should be ok.


Sabrina - March 7

The spices in chai tea are usually cinnamon, cloves, cardomom & sometimes nutmeg. And lots of milk w/ either honey or sugar.


Kelly - March 10

I drink tons of tea, now decaf, but my doctor and others in the practice said that one cup of caffeinated tea a day is fine. In my first trimester I completely went decaf but now I if I have my tea I switch to decaf for my second cup. I think if just depends on the person and what your doctor says. All of my friends/family that had children drank their morning cup ofcoffee and had beautiful children with no side effects and coffee has more caffeine then tea.


laura - March 12

tea is acidic - stick to water; read "The pH Miracle" by Robert Young



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