Tea Or Tylenol

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mary - June 23

Im 14 weeks preg and im over the morning sickness, but I always start feeling c__ppy w/ headachs in the afternoon. I started taking tylenol when I felt this way but I noticed that when I drink a cup of lipton tea I feel wonderful, better than what the tylenol did. So whats more safe a cup of tea every day or 1 tylenol?


kitten - June 23

i am going through the same issues with the headaches. mine seem to subside enough for me to feel OK without tylenol, but they linger and kick in in the evenings as well. i have found releif in caffeinated green tea. it really does the trick. i think the tea is harmless, as long as you are sticking to 2-3 cups a day at a maximum. maybe you might consider green tea. less caffeine, naturally, and also a lot of antioxidants for you and the baby. i am not a doctor, but i think tea is a lot better for you and baby than tylenol, especially if it helps out.


Bree - June 24

Kitten, please research green tea while pregnant. I enjoy it as well, but it has been linked to certain birth defects. Please be careful. As for the headaches, I'm going thru the same thing. I've cut caffeine out for the mostpart, but the other day all that ended up finally helping was about half a cup of mountain dew. It did the trick. So, I do think that caffeine can help, but the less the better for the baby.


kitten - June 24

no one should have to suffer from terrible headaches. certainly, tea is a lot better than resorting to tylenol and other drugs to combat headaches. some actually contain narcotics, like codeine. like i said, i am no doctor. i just do what works for me, and try to stay away from drugs.


Bree - June 27

Kitten, I was just trying to help. Not criticize your choices. As I said, I like green tea too, but it's just not safe during pregnancy according to what I read. Best wishes to you with your headaches.



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