The Glucose Test

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CamysMama - May 25

Well I have to go in for a glucose test in two weeks... I was going to go back next week to do it, but my doc said, "no, wait a few weeks until you get your diet right!" So now I'm wondering what's involved. Have any of you had this done, and what was the result? I'm afraid of contracting gestational diabetes because I've already gained a bit over 20 pounds, and I'm only 24 weeks along. Any words of wisdom for this chubby mama-to-be?


CaliTrish - May 25

Hi CamysMama, are you going in for the 1-hour or 3-hour test? I find it odd that your doctor would tell you to "get your diet right" yet not tell you how to accomplish that. You might want to call and ask. I posted preparation advice from my hospital for the 3-hour test, which you are suppose to "carb load" for, on the /Pregnancy Complications/3 Hours Glucose test forum. If you're just taking the 1-hour test, I would suggest just eating a healthy balanced diet for the next couple weeks. Gestational Diabetes isn't the end of the word, but it can be a bit annoying. Good luck.


CamysMama - May 25

Thank you CaliTrish! I'm supposed to have the 1 hour test, and my doctor said I need to cut out sugars (even go easy on the fruit!!) and stick to proteins and whole grains from here on out. She said not to drink a big gla__s of juice or have anything sweet before the test, but just to eat a "sensible" meal such as eggs and whole-wheat toast with a small gla__s of milk. I'm anxious about the test - I want to take it to get it over with, (and maybe prove I'm not doing so badly after all?) But at the same time I'm nervous about what the results will be. (What if I'm way out of whack?) I've already had a feeling Camryn will be a big girl (her daddy is 6'5" and over 260 pounds) and I've read that gestational diabetes increases the likelihood of having a very big baby. I guess my main fear is for her health, and that I won't be able to deliver her naturally. Thank you for your advice, I am definitely going to be watching every bite from now on!


CaliTrish - May 25

Sounds like your doctor gave you some sensible diet advice. Remember, it's not just about the test. In fact, it's not just about gestational diabetes either. Some women can eat tons of sweets and not be diagnosed with GD. I was the unlucky one with no sweet tooth, but two grandmothers who had type II diabetes. If you're really concerned about Camryn growing too large, it would be prudent to continue eating a healthy balanced diet and exercise.


CamysMama - May 26

Thanks CaliTrish, and thank you for your advice on the other thread, too, I am going to experiment on how many different recipes I can discover that involve eggs and cheese! Peanut b___ter is also great on so many things... especially on whole grains! :o) You're right, I do want the best for my daughter, and that is enough to keep me motivated. It's true that I'm dedicated to this new diet not just until I take that glucose test, but for the rest of the pregnancy... and beyond! I know that healthy eating will be just as important to me after Camy's born as it is right now. I guess I just never looked at a peach as unhealthy before! This is really making me rea__sess everything I eat, incuding things I always thought were good for me. I envy you not having a sweet tooth! It's not that I want candy, or ice cream, but I still crave fruit. But I will overcome it! Thanks again for your tips! :o)


CamysMama - June 12

Well I took the test on Friday, and the drink itself wasn't so bad, but it sure did make me feel funny afterwards - maybe it was all that sugar on an empty stomach. I am nervously awaiting the results - please wish me luck!!!


CaliTrish - June 12

Got my fingers crossed for you. The finger poking is annoying, but the diet really hasn't been that bad - I'm eating better & healthier for me AND my baby.


KLT - June 26

Hey ladies, sorry to b___t in, - I am in the same position as you CamysMama.....I just went to my doctors today and he pretty much said the same thing to me. I'm a little over 20 pounds at 24 weeks and although I feel like a cow, I really don't look chubby or anything. Everyone is saying my belly is huge though...and today the doctor said its larger than it should be at this stage. My husband thinks i'm farther along than they say I least a month farther. Then again, he's a big guy (not as tall as yours CamysMama). I'm kind of freaking out. Going to go for the 1-hour test this week sometime. I thought I was eating right. I don't eat sweets, I don't drink sodas...and the doc didn't give me much guidance..he just said don't drink juices. What do you two suggest I eat then? Or at limit?


CaliTrish - June 27

The biggest changes I've done to my diet is actually to eat more often, snacks/meals every 2-3 hours, which has automatically reduced my meal portions. I've switched to whole grain tortillas, bread, pasta, and brown rice. My snacks consist of 30g of carbohydrates (Dannon Light & Fit Yogurt and a handful of almonds, small orange & 5 triscuits, 2 tbsp raisins & half bag of popcorn, etc.) and my meals are limited to 45g of carbs. Stick to lean meats, eat your veggies, and try to walk at least 10 minutes after meals. This routine is keeping my GD fairly controlled. I still have yet to gain any weight, in fact people have been commenting that it looks like I've lost weight except for the protruding belly. Saw the doc today and baby is growing fine, so no worries. Good luck with your test, KLT.


KLT - June 27

Thanks Trish, I really appreciate your help!!!!


KLT - July 6

I just got my results for the 1-hour test...the nurse said it was 158. Says I have to come back for teh 3-hour test now. I've been watching my diet, following your suggestions CaliTrish...but I guess your body does what it does sometimes, despite how well you eat?? Anyways, i'm going to pickup the paperwork for the 3-hour test today.. and go from there. CamysMama, what were your results from the 1-hour test?


cattac - July 8

I get to take my 1 hr on monday...not looking forward to it. I failed the 1 hr with my last pregnancy but pa__sed my 3 hr test. My dr said not to count on pa__sing the 1 hr this time either. I'm hoping and praying I pa__s it. I really hate the 3 hr test.


KLT - July 10

Just did my 3 hour test today. It actually wasn't as bad as I expected it to be. The worse part was that the lab tech sucked at taking blood and caused me to bruise and bleed more than necessary! >:-( CaliTrish...just wanted to thank you for ALL your help. I did try and carb load as directed..but it was so hard to...not to mention our AC was out this whole weekend making me not feel like eating! But I did my best. Hopefully when the results come in this week, i'll have pa__sed!!


cattac - July 10

well i had my 1 hr today and FAILED with flying blood sugar was 169 at the one hour mark. i knew I'd fail and dont even know why they made me take the 1 hr if they were counting on me failing it anyway. i am stupid and ate more sugary stuff than i'm used to yesterday...would that have had anything to do with the high reading this morning? i have my 3 hr on thursday and i'm dreading it. it was awful my last pregnancy...mainly because i was bored at the dr office, they have trouble taking my blood, and i got really shaky and sweaty and almost pa__sed out after I left the dr office last time. needless to say....i wish I could skip it.


CaliTrish - July 11

Sorry to hear you girls failed your 1-hr tests. Hopefully your 3-hr results will be better. KLT, I hope the carb loading worked for you as I didn't do it and failed. Personally, I think the carb loading might help your body quickly learn to process carbs if you don't usually eat lots of carbs/sugar. Sort of like cramming for a test cuz that orange drink they give you is pretty darn sweet. In the end, GD isn't that bad. It forces you to eat healthier for you and your baby. Good luck.


KLT - July 11

Got my results back today for the 3 hour test. I PASSED! Yay. The nurse said the doctor still wants me to go on a 1800 calorie diet though.


CaliTrish - July 12

Congrats, KLT! If you can manage to keep up with the GD no sugar/low carb, lots of snacks, & smaller meals diet, 1800 calories shouldn't be a problem. Just eat smart & healthy.



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