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grossed out - November 25

I excercise and eat fine, but my theighs are touching and I hate it. I can't walk or sit without my theighs rubbing together and I feel discusting. Of course Know to not eat junk and I use a stationary bike but I was just wondering if anybody else had this problem and if they had any suggestions.


Rose - November 28

This happened to me with my son. I'm in the military so I had to get back into shape pretty quick, and running was a pain... I would be so chaffed and burnt from my thights rubbing. Monistat makes a good product for this. Check it out:


Rose - November 28

Oops... here you go:


Rose - November 28

still not working... 3rd times a charm :)


Rose - November 28

It's still not. Just check out monistat's web page under chaffing... or try this link, maybe it will work. If not, I give up :)


S - November 29

just take all the "-" out of the site, it should work then


Grossed out - November 29

Thank you Rose- what did you do , if anything, while you where pregnant about trying to fight the weight gain in your theighs, thats where all my weight is going.Besides diet, like any special excercises or anything?


AA - December 1

I would count yourself lucky. My thighs have been rubbing since I was like 7yrs. old. LOL


Rose - December 1

I didn't do any types of excercise during my first two pregnancies, that was probably the problem. I dropped a LOT of weight and got into good shape after my second child... so when I got pregnant again I just kept it up. I've been eating healthy and do 30 minutes on the cross trainer 5-6 times a week... and run a mile every other day... and so far I've had no thigh problems.... 34 weeks today and still wearing my pre-pregnancy jeans. So, that's what's working for me.


Sallie - December 2

I switched to a vegetarian diet. I did it gradually and used the Dean Ornish book. It took me 6 months. I don't eat any animal products, not even cheese or milk. It is the only way that I got my weight down. I have kept it off for a year now and am pregnant with my 2nd. My daughter is 3 and our whole family is now on the same vegetarian diet. My husband cheats while he is at work, but with the heart attacks that run in his family he knows that its best for him to stay away from the cheese. Cheese is the hardest part, so we left it 'till last. Sorry I'm going on so much, It's just that it has made such a difference. I feel better than I ever have.


Rose - December 2

Sallie: I so agree! I have been a raw vegan for almost 3 years now... it's SO helped me with this pregnancy... I haven't been able to be exactly "raw,” I do eat cooked black beans and processed shredded wheat... but it's just made all the difference in the world. I wouldn't recommend a raw vegan diet to anyone who's not full hearted about it... but defiantly see a lot of good in at least a vegetarian or better yet vegan one. :)



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