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selina - August 9

I'm 14 weeks pregnant, and I'm so scare, because I have been eating smoke ham, and I just found out that this may cause toxoplasmosis! Can someone tell me if this counts as raw meat!


Melanie - August 9

i am scared, too...i have eaten a lot of deli meats (ham..turkey...bologna..) and i just ate some rather uncooked chicken for lunch. they say that EVERYTHING can cause toxoplasmosis though


hi ladies - August 12

Cooked meats do not cause toxoplasmosis. Deli meats are a concern becasue of nitrites and the like. Also because of some other bacteria ( can't remember the name) but you should be fine as long as been heated thoroughly. ONCE again thorouhly cooked meats do not cause toxo.


Lynn - August 13

Toxoplasmosis comes from cat poop-not deli meats. Lysteria is a bacteria that can contaminate deli meats. E-coli can contaminate raw or undercooked meats, Salmonella can contaminate undercooked chicken and eggs. Either way, cook all meats until steaming hot, roughly 160 degrees (chicken slightly longer) and you should be fine.


Erin - August 19

That's not true - toxoplasmosis is far more likely to be caused by eating undercooked meat. It is very rare to contract toxoplasmosis from cats, although you still should be careful.


selina - August 19

Thanks ladies so much! I had my test done for toxoplasmosis and I'm Ok. I will get my test back for listeria next week and I'm very positive that everything will be alright! Thanks again to all of you. :-)


SarahR - September 16

I just found out today from my blood test that I have toxoplasmosis in my system. I have to go for another test in 2 weeks. The nurse is very concerned, I am too. I am 6 weeks pregnant, I have a cat also. Does any on know what can happen now?


Ashley - September 20

SarahR, how long have you had your cat? If you haven't had your cat for very long, this is scary news. However, I have been told that the test will only detect that you've had toxoplasmosis, not when. I'm guessing if they tested me I would "have" it - I grew up around farm cats and since the age of 16 I've had a cat & litter box in my room, - now me and dh have 3 cats in the house! The concern is that you got this in the last 6 weeks. If you get toxoplasmosis there really are no major symtoms - you probably would have had a "cold" and had no idea it was something you picked up from the cat. It's pretty serious if you just contacted it since being pregnant, - I guess the question is, how much have you been around cats and for how long?


Andrea - October 3

I have cat and I'm pregnant. Should I give my cat away until I get the baby?


Amber - October 10

If you have been exposed to undercooked meats, and cleaned a litterbox on many occasions, chances are, you already have the antibodies. Dont give away the cat (unless the cat itsself becomes a problem; jealousy, peeing on everything, all that bad stuff), however try to get someone else to clean the box, and if you cant do that, get some gloves and wash your hands after changing the box. I have four cats, and this is the advice that the Dr. gave me. Dont be too paranoid, but you never can be too safe!


LRK - October 10

I have three cats and I used to eat medium rare steak and I tested negative for the toxoplasmosis antibodies, so I have to watch out. Raw or undercooked meat can indeed transfer it, as can contact with fecal matter of cats with toxoplasmosis. You can get your cat tested, but if you let them outside or let them eat undercooked meat, you will want to get them tested again to make sure they did not newly contract it. I did not get my cats tested. My husband cleans the litter box (a wonderful thing about being pregnant) and I sadly have to order my steak medium well. Deli meats are a different story, as they can harbor listeria. I nuke my cold cuts before putting them in a sandwich. Chances are slim of getting listeria, but for me, I just figured I could wait 10 months. Good luck!



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