Week15 How Much Should I Weigh

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still skinny - December 1

i am 5'5 115 pounds and 15 weeks, so far i have not gained a pound, that worries me, i was wonder what most of you ladies have gained so far? what is normal and healthy?


Lisa - January 5

Hi..i am 14 weeks and haven't gained any weight yet. I did suffer from morning sickness, but have been eating for the past month. Don't get worried..just talk to your doctor.


Hailey - January 10

I'm 16 weeks along and have gained three pounds. I've had zero morning sickness and have been eating (healthy stuff) non stop! You're completely normal. Some women gain nothing in the first trimester. You should start to gain approx one pound per week soon. Everyone is different.


not so skinny now - January 12

thanks, i am now 21 weeks and have gained three pounds, but my bumb is getting big! i am no longer worried, little guy is growing fine after all. thanks for the advice


candice - April 14

I am 14 wks and i have gained 5 pounds. Off and on ill feel like ive gained another twenty over night but when i get weighed ill be the same same or maybe a pound or so under


Audrea - April 22

Some of you guys are so lucky to be gaining even a little weight. I am 15 weeks and have lost over 10 pounds and was thin to begin with. I have all day sickness with vomiting and can't seem to force myself to eat and drink enough. The only thing I can stomach is soup and it's caloric value is not very high. Anyone have suggestions for all day sickness. Already tried the ginger, crackers, Sea-Bands, and I can't take anything related to Phenergan and Reglan(allergic-causes dystonia for me).


Brandie - January 26

I had morning sickness that was unbearable!! I am 16 week and no longer have the sickness, oca__sional headaches though. One thing that worked really well for me was citrus...I would cut open a lemon whenever I was feeling really weary and inhale the smell, it helped a lot and gave me a little extra energy. You might think it sounds crazy, thats what I thought when someone suggested it ot me but it really worked. And if you dare take a little bite or suck out some of the juice. GOOD LUCK!!



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