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Stacia - October 14

I am 12 weeks 2 days and have gained 12 lbs! I am freaking out! I am very conscious about my weight and do not want to gain more then 25 lbs but I feel hungry A LOT and often to tired to work out. What can I do? Should I see a nutritionist? Who should I see?


Tammy - October 17

I have a 5 yr old and a 9 month old Plus another on the way. With my last pregnancy I gained 50 lbs but it was in the the stomach he was 9lbs 2oz. And I am only about 105-110lbs. That seems like alot of weight to put on in that early of your pregnancy. I walk at least 3 times a day and each walk I do aleast an hour. I got back to normal size with both children. I am now about110 and Pregnant again and I am just going to keep up with my walks like normal to keep in shape. I would talk to your OB/GYN because they will tell you if they think you are putting on to much weight or not! GOOD LUCK HUN> Keep me posted!


Stacia - October 17

My doctor said I am fine. I was 139 to start and its many lbs before I hit the overweight zone for height. I am trying very hard to cut it down it's just these cravings! I used to walk more then now but I am often busy. My husband, tired of listening to me is getting an eliptical machine for me =) I pray I can slow it down and gain max 30 over all. Thanks


Tammy - October 18

Well, Then that is all good for you! They way you say that you keep busy it sounds like you are going to do just Fine. Good Luck !!!!


E - October 18

There are numerous books about nutrition during pregnancy and the best thing to do is to stay away from junk food. Protein in the forms of soy, legumes, beans, and nuts are wonderful and a very nutritious way to fill up. I love homemade yogurt smoothies in the morning and I add some vanilla protein powder (Whole Foods Brand) for the baby. Perhaps if you are too tired to cook, you may find some restaraunts that offer take out with these types of ingredients (mexican, middle eastern, indian)? Easier said than done and I am no one to talk as I bought Halloween candy over 1 month ago just so I could eat it. I pretended to be getting it on sale but my hubby knows I am a liar.


Stacia - October 18

LOL! I do not eat to much junk. I love spagetti and mexican. Partly, I went from eating on the southbeach to eating more carbs so I think I gained weight for that as well as the amount of carbs. My husband and I are getting an Elliptical Machine. I am paranoid is all. I eat fruit and veggies, I eat salad with tuna with light mayo and low fat dressing at night. I enjoy Banana Crm pudding made with skim or 1% milk with fat free Whipped. I truly try but weaker to some temptations like Jelly beans here and there an 5 bites of Ice cream. If there was a great nutrition book you found useful, either of you please let me know. =)


E - October 18

Well I should say that I am a vegetrian and the one I use is geared for that. It is for the baby but has advice for the pregnant mother too. I think the carbs may be the culprit. Okay, now I am hungry after reading your post:) I am going to sit next to my halloween candy.


E - October 18

I meant to type vegetarian. Not vegetrian.


Stacia - October 18

Lol your so funny! Sounds good! Haha... What is the name of your book? You can email me direct at [email protected] Thanks!


E - October 18

I use the Vegetarian Pregnancy and the New Vegetarian Baby by Sharon Yntema. Thanks for thinking I am funny:) It is kinda funny how full my Halloween basket is. We get like 15 kids and I have enough to feed at least 300. :)


Stacia - October 18

We never get any kids. We are far from the road but we always buy 2-4 bags just incase! lol


Mellissa - October 19

In order to lose weight at any time in your life (pregant or not) you need to create a calorie deficit. In other words, you need to burn/use more calories than you eat. This is not safe at any time during pregancy. By creating a calorie deficit, your baby is being deprived of food which means, losing that 12lbs you gained already is not an option until after the birth. However, you can stop further unneccessary weight gain by looking at your diet. 4-6 smaller meals (not three big ones!) that are balanced with lean protien, plenty of fruits, veggies or whole grain carbs and a little bit of healthy fat (like olive oil or nut/nut products) will keep you from gaining fat. Stay away from sugary drinks like soda, juices and coffee and do not eat starchy carbs like pasta and white bread. I feel your pain as I started out at 115lbs and now weigh 132lbs at only 5 months. What's done now cannot be reversed until later, we just have to wait it out and fix it later.


Stacia - October 19

Lol, well Tonight I have to admit I am eating spaghetti lol but I have been eating well last 2 days. Need to satisfy a craving. I plan to work out a little more cardio-wise and try to cut back on fat.



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