Weight Gain At 16 Weeks

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Annette - February 21

I am currently 16 weeks pregnant, and I was wondering how many pounds I should of gained. I am starting to worry because in the summer, before I got pregnant I was between 150-155 pounds than I gained probably 5 pounds. Now, I am 185 so I already gained 20 pounds and I am only 16 weeks pregnant.(I am 5'8) Did anyone else had the same problem?


Jen - February 23

Hi 5'8, I am 5'9 and was 125 when I got pregnant. I am now in my 17th week and have gained 14 pounds. Some days I am 139 and others 140, it depends on the scale and time of weighin. Weigh in the monring after you have had a bowel movement, before you've eaten or drank anything. I know I was thin to begin with for my height, so I didn't feel bad gaining 10 in my first tri-mester. Now, I am watching what I eat and quitting when I am full. It's ok to throw away extra food you bought. Just don't skip drinking milk or a normal meal or snack that you have. If you are eating a bag of chips as a snack though, why not switch that snack to 2 slices of cheese and half an apple. Just cutting the cheese up and perparing your apple will eliminate that craving for opening a bag and consuming it immediately. My goal is to gain 1 lb per week, which would put me near 40 lbs. during my whole pregnancy, but we are 5'8 and 5'9, we can carry this weight. 1/2 will fall off after the baby is born and the other half we will have to work at. Such is life!


Corie - March 8

I'm the same way. I started at around 150 lbs. at 5'8, am 16 weeks, and have gained 13 lbs. The doctor says that this is perfectly ok, some women will gain the weight early, some later. I'm not overly worried, though, it's the only time in our lives where we shouldn't have to watch our weight!!


~S~ - March 15

I'm exactly 16 weeks today. The last time I weighed myself was a few days ago and I've only gained about 5lbs. I do have a healthy appet_te, but I'm not over weight. I see my doctor in a few days, so I think I'm going to question her about my little weight gain.


Kelly - March 16

At 16 weeks I had gained a total of 8 lbs from when I found out at 4.5 weeks. According to my doctor I am right on track for what they want to see me gain. I am now almost 20 weeks and have gained 12 lbs total.


JAKS - March 16

I am 5'2 1/2" and weigh 132. I will be 16 weeks tomorrow and I when I went to the doctor 4 days ago he said I haven't gained any weight, although my tummy is definitely sticking out. But I mostly crave fresh fruit and salad. So, I haven't gained any weight, but I've been eating healthier, plus I eat more. It's interesting how we all change! Good luck!!!!


ASHA - April 9

Hi Annette iam also in the similar position with you but i visited my gynaecologist on Monday and she said it was ok because your body has control over you and not you. However, she advised me to stop drinking fruit drinks. So you may try this. I am now in the 16th week-161 pounds and i was 145(5'9 before pregnancy. So you are not alone.


Kel - April 10

Annette. I am in a similar sitiation. For my 16 week appt. I found out I gained almost 20 lbs.I'm very healthy; eat healthy, work out 5-6 days per week. I was in shape pre preg. and have made a great effort to maintain my healthy. At first I freaked out over the 20 lbs, but realized I'm being healthy and I guess it's just what my body is doing. My doctor does not seemed concerned


Rachel - April 12

Annette, I am relieved to hear someone else has gained as much as I have. I am 5'7 and started out weighing 158. However, over the holidays i gained 5 pounds and started out heavier. I am now at 180 and really bothered about the amount of weight I've gained. I don't eat a lot of junk food. I walk some everyday. I just don't understand it. Did anyone else gain a lot of weight and then have it slow down suddenly? With my first two pregnancies I had hardly gained any weight by 16 weeks.


Colleen - April 22

Hello Annette, Don't worry. This is my third pregnancy and I'm 5' 8 and started at 164 pounds (I too gained 5 pounds over the holidays). I am 16 weeks now and I weigh in on my scale at 182 pounds. I usually gain 60 pounds per pregnancy although my highest weight so far has been 210 for my last pregnancy (I was a littler lighter with the last one). I eat healthy and walk daily. I think eveyone is different during pregnancy and we don't all fit in the 25 to 35 pound weight gain but it's ok. Good luck.


Candy - April 26

Lucky you... I weighed 120 lbs and went down to 110 and now weigh 111 in my 16th week. I need to gain some weight...


tammy - May 5

the weight thing is really freaking me out as well. I started around 132 and am now at 158 ( week 21). That's about 26 pounds!!! I'm trying to justify it by saying it was water weight in the beginning but I just dont' understand. I work out in the pool regularly and work on my feet all day. I don't eat as healthy as I did when I was dieting ( i.e. atkins) since I'm trying to get all the different nutrients for the baby, but I can't believe I've gained this much and am worried about how it will come off!!


Tammy - May 19

With my first pregnancy, I was only 137 lbs. I gained 76 pounds in total. 35 of that was in my first 14 weeks. My Dr. told me it was probably because I was having so much morning sickness that I was overeating. I agree with her. I thought that because I was getting sick so much, I needed to eat more. I was wrong. My second pregnancy I had no morning sickness and gained a total of 18 pounds. I am currently 16 weeks with my third and have gained 4 pounds. So my answer to you is if you are having morning sickness, try not to overeat. Goodluck through the rest of your pregnancy and remember, you can loose the weight later.


sam - May 27

hi, all! rea__surance to all--weight patterns in the first trimester are not predictable, and nutrition and exercise are much more important that the number on the scale. i am 16 weeks pregnant, but i am also a certified nurse-midwife, so i can provide personal and professional words of encouragement. i myself am 5'2", weighed 116 at conception, dropped to 111 by 13 weeks, and am now at 114. not only is this normal for me (eating well, not sick, and exercising more), but your 15 or 20 lbs may well be normal for you. be sure you are limiting processed foods and simple sugars, move your body several days a week (even a nice walk will do), and eat BALANCED. whole grains, beans, fruits and veggies, and water. a few treats here and there won't hurt anyone. if you're doing this, your weight will reflect what your body needs for pregnancy. in europe, a lot of midwives don't weigh at every visit (unless you have complications such as blood pressure problems). since your health is more important than your weight. if you aren't doing these things, you may indeed have a few extra pounds and it would be wise to start to work on a few slow changes. good luck! my only specific comment is to someone who posted, and i forget her name--about eating healthy with the atkins diet before pregnancy and worrying about weight now. i a__sure you, anyone in nutrition will support the fact that the atkins diet is NOT healthy in any way. it haas been responsible for increases in colon cancer, kidney disease, and a variety of other things, adn that is just the beginning. in the short term, it produces a condition called ketoacidosis (atkin's sign of success), which medically is a sign on starvation, and what diabetic people sufffer when they cannot access the fule they eat because of lack of insulin. atkin's may be responsible for teaching your body to metabolize in an inefficient way, causing you to gain unreasonably once you begin to eat healthy, such as in pregnancy. so don't worry--you are getting wehat you need, and your body can relearn how to process healthy foods properly in time. your weight will stabilize, and your baby will appreciate getting the right nutrients! good luck to all in your pregnancies, and remember to focus on the important things! all the rest will work itself out in time. sam


stephanie - May 28

i was 125 the summer before i got pregnant. now 27 weeks and i am 163 to me that is a lot but you know what. who cares if you feel good and you baby is healthy dont worry about the weight you gain. most of it is baby, body fluid etc....... enjoy pregnancy dont worry about weight!


To sam - May 31

Question- my doctor told me to only gain 18-20 pounds, drink only water and eat little to no carbs. Is that wrong about the carbs? I thought you should have carbs while you are preg?


Mindy - June 25

I am 20 weeks. Prepregnancy 124, and didn't put on any weight until the last 4-5 weeks, which I now weight 135 at 5' 2". I would not worry about anything. Everyone is different, and just listen to your body. Good luck to everyone!!



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