What Can I Eat

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michelle - April 4

is it o.k to eat the following foods while during pregnancy? hot dogs hot sausages/breakfast sausage bacon deli meats sardines


michelle shone - March 28

Give me the skinny on caffeine. I drink quite a bit right now and am scared to quit it cold turkey.


Eve - March 30

Can i eat Linguine with White Clam sauce?


Sue - March 30

Is cooked shellfish safe?


Maureen - April 4

Hi all, it is known that shell fish, and processed foods like hotdogs probably should not be consumed while a woman is pregnant. As well, caffeine. I can tell you what my Dr. told me then my adivce to you is ask your own Dr. anyways, as he/she will know best of course. My Dr. told me not to drink more than one cup of coffee or any tea with caffine in it a day. So, what I do is have one cup in the morning, and only from time to time, not regularly. As well as shellfish and processed foods, perhaps once in a really blue moon it's okay to eat but again not regularly. Nevertheless, as I had said before if you speak to your Dr. she/he will know what's really best for you and your own situation. Good luck to everybody.


becky - April 12

is it safe to eat peanuts?


Melissa - April 13

Most cooked shellfish like shrimp is fine and there is even a page on this website where you can look up how much mercury is in all kinds of fish. I have been told to stay away from hot dogs, sausage, bacon, deli meats, due to the nitrates in them. I have not had any caffeine and there are new reports linking use of more than 100mg a day to early miscarriage. I believe that one cup a day is fine, but I wouldn't drink too much more if you can help it. Can you maybe start cutting back each day until you get to one? That might help with the headaches that may develop if you were to quit cold turkey. As for peanuts, they are fine unless you or hubby has an allergy to them and then this puts the baby at risk for the same allergy. Don't know about white clam sauce but I would love to know....


Kaela - May 4

What can i eat


g.d. - May 16

My doctor has told me that fish and sushi are o.k. during pregnancy, as long as you know they are fresh and not (made of) bottom-feeding fish (swordfish, tuna, salmon, crab, etc).


joanel - June 1

which salmon is best for our health, pacific or atlantic


AL - June 1

Under "Pregnancy Topics" down the left side of this website is a link called "Pregnancy and Diet" have a look there! :-)


carrie - September 22

i ahve a question is it ok to eat fish stiks and cooked clams and shrip? i know it says no uncooked sea food but i just wnat to make sure


liz - February 28

NO!!!hotdogs have caffeine and for that i am sure...im not too sure about the other things but i know for a fact hot dogs should not be eaten while pregnant...they contain caffeine which can harm your baby....do u want that?....signed: Dr. Elizabeth Binert


Nicole - February 28

I too have read that preggos should stay away from caffeine and hotdogs/deli meats and fish that contains mercury. I've also read that you should stay away from herbal teas that have unfamiliar ingredients, throat lozenges, and unpasteurized soft cheeses like brie and camembert, the only soft cheese that is okay is cream cheese.


Erika - March 15



rachelle - March 26

Can you eat goose liver ?



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