What Cravings U Guys Having

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a - December 7

anyone craving greasy foods when they dont normally eat them and know they should be eating healthy??


E - December 7

Microwave popcorn (blast'o b___ter extreme). I eat 1 bag each night with a root beer. I love the first few bites when it is warm and practically melts in my mouth:) Mmmm!


x - December 7

i love pancakes!!


Em - December 21

I am craving kraft macaroni cheese and milk. I just can't get enough milk right now - wierd, coz usually I can't stand the taste of it


Jessica - December 23

I always crave different foods different days. Sometimes milk, alot of times chicken nuggets or french fries. It's always the unhealthy things I crave. Why can't I crave carrots or something lol. :)


estee - December 23



Julie - January 17

"Farmer Boys" Fried Zucchini with Ranch Dressing...I eat it almost every other day! I know it cannot be too good for me and I'm trying to stop but i can't!


Colleen - January 17

I definately could eat Mac n' Cheese EVERYDAY and be happy!!! MMM Yumm i want some right now!! Damn now you made me hungry......


Jenn - January 17

I know its awful... but McDonalds double cheeseburgers!!! And I rarely, almost never ate McDonalds before pregnancy.


Sarah - January 23

Im craving mashed potatoes with salt on them its really weird it doesnt matter what time of the day it is but i have to have them!


c - January 24

I couldn't stand the thought of greasy food my first 3 months.... but now, its a whole different story. I can't get enough pizza... me and my husband are getting fat on pizza! I also love a cheeseburger with pickles from any fast food joint. Oh... and I can't forget steak. ok... that covers it. hope your all doing well and not giving in as much as I am!


Nick - January 24

I crave anything sweet. I eat ice cream, cake, cookies, pancakes with fruit, candy bars and lots of fruit. Almost everything else makes me sick, especially meat. It's funny because I never ate sweets before. I never even drank pop because it was too sweet.


E - January 24

I just realized that I answered this thread b4. Sorry:)


NEW MEXICO - January 25

Special k cereal, with pieces of smoked salmon.


E - January 25

LOL New Mexico!! That sounds nasty:)


Raeanne - February 1

Anything Spicy give me pepperonchinis and jalepenos with some hot sauce and I'm all set. I liked spicy things before but now I can't live a day without my mouth being on fire. lol


Melissa - February 19

Yes! And I nornally eat really healthy, veggies, organic, etc. i have had more greasy fast food in the last week than i have in 15 years combined. I can't stomach anything else - i am nauseaus 24-7. its freaking me out. I can't decide if it is the fat or the sodium or what. Any insight?



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