What Cravings U Guys Having

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Megan P - March 22

Pickles and boiled eggs, burritos and after reading this thread, LIME popsicles!!!!!


angeev - May 9

I hate milk but can't get enough of it either. It is just my hubby and me and we are going through 3 gallons per week!! My cravings change everyday.


Butterflykya - May 10

Pickles, popcorn, corn dogs, I LOVE PIZZA, for a while I hated hamburgers but now at almost 40 weeks I eat just about everything. If I don't drink water I get all nauseated. I guess its a different craving every step of the way cause for a while I craved cookies and doughnuts and all kinds of sweet stuff but then for a while I was really into super sour things .


leanne. - September 5

I've been craving Wendy's burgers and frosties haha. I even dreamt about frosties lol..


sarah21 - September 12

This thread is seriously cracking me up! I had a hard time the first couple weeks-- something would finally sound good to eat and I had to go get it RIGHT THEN or else it was gone and I was sick again. My husband would mention things to eat and I would literally run and throw up from his suggestions. I have definitely wanted salty things-- cheetos, McDonald's cheeseburgers and fries (What is it about McDonald's?), lemons with salt, peaches, taco bell, saltine crackers with cream cheese, plain salt (bad I know!), crushed ice, club soda with a lime or lemon squeezed in it, nothing too terribly weird.


kayra88 - November 26

Blts with lots of syrup,mmmmm....... Fried Salami sandwiches with mustard chees n syrup.. I love these thibgs sooo much And anything SPICY!!!!


misundastQQd - December 19

READING THIS. *DROOL* *YUMM*' my very first craving was rainbow sherbert, from there on bologna. I LOVE bologna, lots of water and lots of milk. Craving TONS of sweet stuff. I woke up yesterday morning desperately needing MCDONALDS frenchfrys. and I got some =) wew.


art teacher - June 2

I'm 16 weeks along and I've been craving... OJ, coke, sandwiches, lemon-lime gatorade, grapes and other fruits, baked lays,Wendy's Spicy Crispy chicken sandwich...extra pickles! MMMM I WAS a total chocoholic before pregnancy. Now I just want meats and other carbs!


mommyPerks - June 23

Generally I'm wanting all the healthy stuff. My cravings at the moment are potatoes, however they come is great although plain boiled potatoes are best. Also must eat chesse and mayo sandwiches on a daily basis along with a raw red pepper. Red pepper slices are best soaked in a gla__s of orange juice! Also Orange juice allday everyday would be nice although I do try drink water in between all the OJ.


dani. - June 23

Started with pickles early on, with everything. Now i have to have strawberries EVERY day! and pizza with pineapple like twice a week.


Kestrel - August 26

Noodles. Just plain noodles with molly mcb___ter.


pgagain - September 3

This is my sixth pregnancy and I am 7 weeks. In previous pregnancies I have craved: coleslaw (yuck!), ravioli out of a can, sweet and sour chinese food, McDonalds quarter pounders, and BLT's, so far no real cravings in this pregnancy.


Ali6996 - January 11

I am just starting to wake up every day craving different types of food. I am really trying to listen to my body too! Today I was craving meatb___s lol.... So before I went on a picnic with my family, i picked up a 6" meatball sub. Last night it was realllly spicy food. The day before was pasta...


Crystal83 - January 24

I have been putting salsa on almost everything I eat! I liked salsa once in awhile before, but this is crazy. I put it in my soup, on mashed potatoes, pork roast....anything, lol.


EricaB - March 13

I am 14 weeks. In the first couple months the only things I could keep down were cheesy pizza and McDonalds fish sandwich meals. Nasty! I couldn't look at a veggie to save my life.... and I am mostly a vegetarian! Now it's healthy foods again, with an emphasis on salt. I crave sushi all the time, no matter what... and I've been eating it nearly nightly for the past week and a half. Cooked rolls only....


angelinakai - March 15

me too! I could eat sushi every day... i can't get enough of it!



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