What Seafood Is OK While Pregnant

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Missy - February 22

I love eating seafood - shrimp, fish, that sort of thing. What is OK to eat while pregnant and how much/often is ok?


naomi - March 2

YES as long as they are fresh and well cooked, avoid raw and pre cooked fish, best to cook it yourself. As smoked salmon,pre cooked shrimp can contain listeria. Eating fish most days is fine, and good for you and your baby. Avoid fish that is high in mercury( a poison) Ask you local fish shop or health department for infomation about fish to avoid. ENJOY


jenjen - March 10

every doctor is different but mine said NO FISH because of the murcury levels are harmful. tuna (canned) once a month if that.


Kim - March 11

There is a chart on this website under Pregnancy and Diet in the pregnancy topics section. It lists out the best fish to eat. I have been eating salmon and shrimp but I have avoided all tuna and any type of raw fish.


Kim - March 11

Also, once you go under Pregnancy and Diet, you can click on 'foods to avoid' and scroll down.


Cori - March 30

Is Mahi Mahi safe to eat when pregnant?


barney - April 9

is shrimp safe to eat


june - April 20

I hear mahi mahi was one of the seafood you should avoid during pregnancy. Are snowcrabs okay to eat during the pregnancy?


Jeanie - May 19

What about crab legs and scallops?


Renee - May 19

I eat all COOKED SEAFOOD!!! Shrimp, clams, mussels, crab legs, lobster, mahi mahi, canned tuna, YUM!!!!!!!! Experts say not to eat too much fish that's high in mercury, but if you eat seafood a few times a month I wouldn't worry about it. AT ALL!! Don't go out and eat fish morning noon and night!! Other than that, enjoy that seafood platter!! Bring it on!


Mimi - May 19

I eat anything I want. As long as it is cooked. My doctor gave me a list of foods that are great to eat because of their high iron content. So eat up! Oysters (cooked) Scallops, Clams, Shrimp, Sardines. For cooked meat there is beef, chicken, dried beef, heart, ham, kidney, lamb, liver, liver sausage, tongue, pork. For the organ meats I would limit them to twice a month! They are good. But the seafood, I would eat about 4 or 5 times a month.


Courtney - May 25

No Lobster, No TUNA of any kind, NO shark, NO Swordfish, No oysters, and the list goes on. www.gotmercury.org is your BEST BET for the list of seafoods not to eat during pregnancy NOR should you give ANY of these to children, the elderly, or people with diseases such as cancer, etc. Reports of young men, in their prime (20's), are getting permanent brain damage from eating too much canned tuna, or others from the banned list. Ladies, read up and NEVER Give ANYONE advice that you eat it so it won't give my fetus or children brain damage; WRONG! Way too many cases in America of the brain damage due to Mercury Contamination. I live in Ma__s and the Ma__s E.P.A. doesn't recommend that anyone eat any of the fish to come out of the fresh or surrounding salt waters due to pollution, esp Mercury. Many states are now pa__sing laws banning or reducing mercury emissions because of ALL the cases of Brain Damage. So READ up! AND eat ONLY what is recommended! Would you eat a car battery? Neither would I.


MaryJane - June 12

Al I say is that all those pregnant Japanese women eat sushi everyday and they don't have defected babies SO what is all this c___p about not eating fish. It's all horse...... eat seafood..... it doesn't harm the baby. Take it from the sushi lovers..... Japan.


MaryJane - June 12

To add to my answer...... i ate sushi and craved seafood all through my 1st pregnancy and my baby was healthy. It's the same thing as when those diet freaks say to stay away from eating rice cause it will make you fat. LOL How idiotic is that? Now tell that same c___p to all those billions of asians that eat 4 cups of rice, 3 times a day, everyday. You don't see them getting fat. The only fat asians are the ones that live in America cause they eat like us. Junk food!!!


katrina - June 22

is it ok to eat salmon


Shannon - July 11



Angela - July 29

If this link does not work, visit the U.S. Food and Drug Administration website:http://www.epa.gov/waterscience/fish/MethylmercuryBrochure.pdf DO NOT EAT: shark, swordfish, king mackeral, tilefish and only 6 ounces of albacore tuna per week, canned light tuna is fine, according to the FDA.



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