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skinnyminny - May 3

I just found out last night that IM PREGNANT!!! HPT turned posiive in 30 seconds, it was rediculous. Anyway. It seems like everything is off limits, and I'm at my dorm right now so my options really suck. I'm about to have a bowl of cereal, not because I want it, I have absolutely no desire for it, but its keeping me fairly regular, so what the heck...


maren - May 3

You can eat regualar food lol just try not to eat like a lot of fish but i doubt you have that in your dorm. They say to limit lunch meats im not to sure why but i dont and im 31 weeks with a perfect pregnancy. Just try to eat good foods and not greasy frys all day


JB1014 - May 3

I KNOW!! Does anyone know if it's OK to eat fish that isn't listed there?? And no deli meats... I don't understand what you're supposed to eat either!!


Bobbi - May 3

All this what to eat stuff is so confusing, I know...basically, I only eat tuna once in a while, and I don't eat any raw fish (not that it would be appetizing to me if I could, lol) and about the deli meat...some people say it is better to heat it up to prevent listeria, especially if you are getting the meat from a restuaurant.


mandee25 - May 6

hahahaha skinnyminny.......gotta love the Raisin Bran with sliced strawberries or bananas!!!


tryingx3 - May 8

Lunch meat runs risk of listeria unless heated like stated by Bobbi, also high in sodium, which can cause swelling, especially later in pg. Best wishes.


krc - May 10

I dont pay attention to NONE of this what not to eat c___p. The way I figure it is if it's healthy or natural ( means fruit, veggies, beans, etc ) then it's okay. Anything that is man-made...chips, soda, microwave food, fast food.....you get my point.....is gonna affect how much weight you gain. Just try to eat as healthy as possible and drink as much water as possible..not gatorade or un naturally sweetened drinks. All your body needs to stay hydrated is good ole fashioned water. Now if your a junk food junkie this will be very difficult so good luck !


skinnyminny - May 12

thanx guys. I feel guilty if i dont look up everything i eat. I guess i need to relax...a little. ;-)



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