What To Drink

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Thirsty Gal - November 2

I am so sick of water (fizzy and flat), milk and OJ. I want a soda but don't want the sugar (reg) or chemicals (diet) and most fruit juices have a ton of calories and sugar! What's a girl to drink for the next several months?!? Any suggestions?


sandi - November 2

hi thirsty - when i was preg i used to drink iced lemon tea or tomato juice. I used to perk up flat water with fresh sliced lemon and lime or buy a juicer and make your own fruit juices from fresh.


Tess - November 2

ive been drinkin gingerale instead of pop (soda). it helps me alot.


Rowan - November 2

I have heard that gatorade is okay to drink. Some women have been drinking that.


sandi - November 2

yes, ginger is great for sickness and nausea


anita - November 2

try canada dry cranberry ginger-ale. i really don't like regular ginger-ale, but i'm digging the cranberry kind alot.


geri - November 2

try 1/2 soda water and 1/2 fruit juice...make your own lower calorie pop


Julia - November 2

I like the soda and juice too. Like soda and orange juice or soda and pineapple. I do have gingerale orange pop sometimes. Iced tea I have quite a bit. Of course I try to mostly drink water.


Thirsty Gal - November 2

Thank you - I will try your suggestions. Love the idea for iced (decaf) tea with a little shot of fruit or something. What I'd really like is a cold beer, but that'll have to wait until after the baby is born (due may)! Best to everyone. Keep the suggestions coming!


sandi - November 3

Thirsty Gal - have you tried non alcohol beer and wine, they taste pretty much like the regular stuff. not sure about the sugar content though


Mindi - November 7

I was recently made aware that A&W root beer is caffeine free. It has quenched my thrist a few times.


sam - November 22

thirsty, try ovaltine or hot cocoa for a change. mmmmm


Annette - November 22

i´ll suggest you to do what worked for me when I was too nauseaus to drink pure water : Mix fruitjuices (cranberry/orange/apple...) with sparkling water. Juices, even though more nutritious, contain as much sugar and calories as soda; or make a pitcher of tea, that you can drink hot or cold according to your taste, Celestial Seasonings (not paid advertisment) has a big lot of decaffeinated flavors that require little or no sugar at all, like Mandarin Orange, Peach or Apple. For "special oca__sions" mix alcohol free wine with ginger ale (I have to mix it because to me af-wine alone tastes horrible!), and you can also add some chopped fruit like oranges and peaches and make a pitcher of mock-sangria.



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