What To Eat What Ttc

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georgiad - February 10

We've finally decided to ttc for the new year! So excited! I recently started taking folic acid (doctor recommended). Do any of you know what foods I could eat to up my chances?? I've heard fresh pineapple but thats all. I would love some info on what you all ate to help coceive.


georgiad - February 13

I meant "what to eat while ttc" in the t_tle! Any good tips out there?


Frances - February 25

Pineapple has a good reputation for helping, as do yams. Sweet potatoes are one of the most nutritious vegetables around so I would add those as well. Make sure you get plenty of dairy products and whole grains. Start taking your prenatal vitamins now, preferably one with DHA in it and make doubly sure that it contains enough folic acid. Cut down on caffeine and alcohol. Avoid taking any herbal supplements or herbal teas as they can adversely affect your cycle. Also, having your hubby take a zinc supplemet will help his fertility as well! Also, if you aren't already, you should start charting your cycles. If anything is irregular you should bring it up with your doctor as irregularities in your cycle could indicate a hormone imbalance, PCOS or other medical problems. Make sure that your exercise regiment is moderate as excessive exercise creates a lot of adrenaline which the body interprets as stress. I hope that helps!


lqtoo - February 28

I don't know if this is just because I was taking fertility drugs to help ttc, but my clinic says to avoid tofu and soy products. That's because many of the brands of tofu and soy out there are very high in estrogen which can affect your natural hormone levels - something you don't want to be messing with if you are ttc. I'm sure a lot of vegetarians out there will disagree with me, but I am just pa__sing on what my Drs. tell all their patients at the clinic. Good luck!



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