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Evonna - May 16

if i don't eat foods with enough calories? This is what i eat everyday...cereal, cereal & cereal, nothing else.


Trish# - May 16

While you may be getting enough calories (not sure what kind of cereal you are eating or what amounts), you are def. not getting the right nutrients with this diet!! You need a variety of vitamins and minerals from a variety of sources while pregnant. I hope you are at least taking a prenatal vitamin as a supplement but you still need to get most nutrients from food sources. Are you in your first trimester and sick and only have the stomach for cereal? If so, maybe your diet will improve as your pg progresses. A lot of women crave carbs when they suffer from m/s but soon graduate from that phase. If this is not your case, please try to eat more well-rounded. Protein is especially important and while you may be getting some from the cereal in your milk, you need other lean sources as well. I'm not lecturing...you asked...best of luck!


Evonna - May 17

no, i'm in my third trimester at 28 weeks and thanks i do need to eat more than just cereal. It's just that i felt i wasn't eating anything with calories which i heard pregnant women need atleast 500 calories a day.


Evonna - May 18

the reason for me eating eating cereal everyday because we have no foods in the house for me to eat, literally. My dad will not go grocery shopping for nothing since he never does. My mom does all the shopping but she left to TX to finish school. I feel that i'm hurting my baby by not eating right..


Trish# - May 18

Pg women need more than just 500 calories a day. They actually need an EXTRA 300-500 calories a day, on top of a healthy caloric intake. Can you do the grocery shopping?


Evonna - May 19

I have no car...*sobs sobs* but my mom will be back May 27th and i CANNOT wait!!! My Fiance' was suppose to buy me a new car soon. He's 22 years old and lives on his own and is in the army. I still live with my parents and i'm 19 years of age. But thanks Trish! = ]



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