Why Is It No Matter What I Eat I Gain Weight

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redemptive_angel - May 2

I have constantly gaining about 6 lbs per month since I was 5 months. I have seen a dietician, and we set up a meal plan. So why is it even if I sick to this plan precisely and exercise routinely that I still gained 6lbs this month? If my doctor yells at me for not following the plan I will go bolistic on him. I followed it to the tee!


maren - May 2

sometimes thats just what your body will do, how many weeks are you?


Trish# - May 3

I feel your pain! I've been eating great and exercising so well, but still have gained more than the recommended average at 23.5 weeks. I see my OB tomorrow and am dreading the weigh-in! 4 weeks ago I asked him about my weight-gain and he smiled and said..."we'll talk about it next time..." I guess waiting to see what happens. My husband was with me so maybe he didn't want to go there. He DID say that overall my weight gain is alright but that I gained a lot from the last visit. This one-lb a week goal is bogus. I think my body just needs the extra fluff. We must learn to trust our bodies. But I agree that I am tired of watching the wt pile on when I'm being so good. FYI, I'm 23.5 weeks and have gained 20lbs.


redemptive_angel - May 3

I am only 29 weeks.


mandee25 - May 6

Every pregnant woman's body is different so I think it's ridiculous the guidelines are 1lb a week. There are going to be variations and as long as you eat healthy food that is the best you can do.


Shannah - May 30

I am almost 30 weeks and I have gained 25 pounds already. I just seem to gain weight too, i am at least 6 lbs a week too. Don't worry about it, my doctors says I am fine.


venus_in_scorpio - June 2

whoops i gained 11 pounds and im 15 weeks. i want to try to slow it down but_t seems like i cant. I mean i love my sugary snacks but i've ALWAYS loved my sugary snacks and overall I am eating much less than I was... i just hope I can keep it around 30 lbs by the end...


jenna32 - October 4

hmm make sure you are buying the exact right kinda of foods, i mean there are some breads out there that even claim to be whole wheat but there are few that are actually the good kind for you unfortunately or is your breathing moderate pace when you are doing cardio? Maybe your baby just needs the extra weight :) just a couple thoughts, good luck



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