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robyn - February 14

is it safe to have wine during the pregnancy?


Anne - February 15

I wouldn't do it. Try non-alcohlic beer (it really tastes like beer and has less than .5% alcohol) or sparkling grape juice instead.


jessie - February 23

why in the world would you want to consume alcohol during your pregnancy? please do not drink during your 1st & 2nd trimester. you shouldn't drink at all!!!!!!!!


Kim - February 28

You will get a different answer from everyone! Especially the "pregnancy police" I crave a drink from time to time too. One thing I have done is made a virgin martini. Cranberry juice and sweetend lime juice in a frosty martini gla__s. It is important to talk to your Dr and everything in moderation.


kylie - March 4

I raised this question with my OB. He said that while there is no conclusive evidence that an occasional gla__s of alcohol is a problem, it is up to each indovidual. I do have the occasional gla__s of wine, though only with food.


Michelle - March 4

My doctor volunteered the information at my first appointment. She said the same as kylie's dr, that an occasional gla__s of wine will not hurt the bb (she gave me the limit of 1 gla__s of wine per week, although this cannot be backed up by any studies). I havent had a drink of wine during my pregnancy, but will have tastes if I am out, and would not hesitate to have a small gla__s. Europeans do it all the time!


jude - March 4

9 months is not that long to go without wine. It saves the worry of not knowing if it is ok or not. Try sparkling apple juice.


BBK - March 8

Brand new research from Scotland shows potential birth defects from alcohol even in small quant_ties..... even from as little as one drink. There are lots of risks during pregnancy, some you can control, some you can't, but alcohol is under your control.


bump - March 17



Perplexo - April 19

All you women who radically oppose wine during pregnancy! Next time please submit either a Sientific evidence(, research) or a link to, and save your personal preferences. Thanks


Lynn - April 20

Robyn- it has not yet been determined how much alcohol is bad for the baby. So until someone can prove that there is a certain threshhold to reach before you cause damage to your baby, I'd just stay away from it altogether. Many people will tell you that wine is o.k... I even had someone tell me that it was GOOD for the baby! But there has been nothing to back this up. Personally, I don't think an occasional gla__s will cause birth defects, but who knows about other things. I had a friend drink the occasional gla__s of wine during her pregnancy & her daughter has had a very hard time learning to talk and had to go to speech therapy at age 3, another frined's son was slow to learn & keep up with his age group and he is now being held back a grade in elementary school. Who knows if the alcohol is what caused this or if they would have had these troubles anyway, but it's really not a chance worth taking.


Audrea - April 22

I am a Neonatal ICU nurse who has to take care of all the babies born with abnormalities due to the mother drinking while pregnant. There is no known amount of how much you have to drink to effect the fetus as of yet. I do know however women who had the occasional gla__s of wine with no problems and others which effected the fetus. I just think it is better to be safe than sorry. In my learning was told it is diffirent for every fetus as to wether it takes one gla__s(probably not) or many. That would be up to you on how you feel about it. Just remember, there is always a chance.


jojo - May 1

my midwives have told me that an occasional gla__s of wine is alright. I know that some of my friend's doctors have told them the same. the studies on fetal alcohol syndrome show that 3 gla__ses per day, or sporadic binge drinking, are both harmful to the baby. No studies have shown that an occasional gla__s is harmful, and Europeans drink wine regularly while pregnant. I've had only about a gla__s a month for my own peace of mind, but my sister had a lot more than this and both of her children (toddlers now) are fine. The American position on wine seems to be the most extreme in the world.


Lynn - May 2

ANother thing, lots of people make the excuse that the europeans drink wine all the time.. this is not necessarily true. I haev european relatives in England, Sweden, the Netherlands and Germany and ALL of their doctors advised them to not drink anything while pregnant.


Anonymous - June 15

My father is a retired OB/GYN who worked at Columbia Presbyterian and NY Hospital and had a successful career. He told me that an occational drink of wine is fine (in fact, in France, they recommend red wine during pregnancy for it's iron content). He said the reason doctors tell you no wine at all is because if they tell you that you can have one gla__s, the natural tendency is to have 2 and so on, but if they tell you no wine, if you have 1 gla__s, it is OK. If you have a gla__s and sip it slowly, the alcohol will have no effect on your system. That being said, I had a gla__s of champagne on New Year's eve during my pg, and that was it. I didn't really have a taste for alcohol during pg.


lynnstress - June 15

I asked the dr at my first appointment about COOKING WITH wine. She said absolutely no alcohol. I made spaghetti 2 weeks ago, and I did put that splash of red wine in it. This batch cooked for at least six hours. I usually cook sauce for longer than that. I won't drink. I find it much more difficult to give up cigs than alcohol. But, robyn, every doctor will tell you something different!


cooking with wine - June 15

Doesnt the heat burn off all the alcohol anyway--esp after 6 hrs



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