Would You Please Share Your Weight Change Journey Now

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happy mama - June 15

I think that I did OK in the first trimester, due to loss of appet_tie. However, my appet_te increased a lot since last week. Actually, the 2 LB in the first trimester is purely from last week! I am really concerned and not sure the best way to deal with it. I am just interested in the variance of weight gain. It seems that some gained a lot starting first trimester, some gained only during the 2nd trimester. Is it possible to have little weight gain yet still healthy baby? It will be very helpful if you can help fill in this (included is mine, I am 14 weeks now): 1st trimester at 13 week 7 days : 2 LB 2nd trimsester: NA 3rd trimester: NA Doctors comment: the baby and the placenta look great, no worry about the weight. However, I am concerned with my constant hunger and eating now. 2LB in one week! How do you cope with this?


kristina1980 - June 28

Hi, with my first I gained 22pounds. Now I am like 6 weeks pregnant and gained already 5 pounds. I have to slow down, but not to starve. everyones gain is different. some can gain upto 90 pounds or even more!!! but that causes high blood presure etc


dmjdjw336 - October 5

During my first trimester I gained a total of 5 lbs. In my second trimester I gained 10 lbs. every 4 weeks. I was shocked to find this out and I was concerned as well as my doctor but I was informed that it is normal for that to happen for the baby had a growth spurt. Now I am at a total of 34 lbs and slowing down. It must be normal. It just makes me wonder how people can gain so little and have a healthy baby.


Skyeblue - October 5

People can gain so little because the baby and body do not need more. Think about the actual weight of the baby and placenta, then add on extra blood and water the body has during pregnancy, a bit of fat and ....well that doesn't need to add up to more than 15-20 pounds actually. What I don't understand is how a woman gains 40 plus pounds.....


dmjdjw336 - October 5

It depends on what the woman drinks and what they eat and how much the woman eats.


buffy2297 - October 27

With my first pregnancy I gained 49 pounds, the first trimester I gained 14 pounds I lost track after that. I couldn't exercise or do much due to condition called sympathis pubis dysfunction. Painful condition which put me on crutches. I have a friend who lost loads of weight during pregnancy and was slimmer when she's had the baby. The baby was prefectly healthy. I think weight gain is down to the individual. If I've read correctly you've only gained 4lbs and you're at 14 weeks that's perfectly normal and the majority of the weight goes on during the last trimester. Good luck and don't worry so much you'll be fine.



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