15 And Pregnant Am I Ready To Be A Mom

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Savanah - October 24

im 6 months pregnant, and everyone around me is excited. My boyfriend is behind on whatever i choose to do. He loves me a lot, but i don't know if he's ready to be a father, but i really want to keep my baby boy. i have a lot of support from many people. but i odn't know if he'll syill be with me later on in the baby's life. He keeps telling me he'll never leave me. What should i do?


- October 24

just live life day by day , and aways be honest with him theres never a 100% that anyone will be together


Christi - October 26

Hi Savanah... I am 19 years old. I am unmarried... and 20 weeks pregnant. My boyfriend is supporting my decision to keep the baby...in fact he wants it badly himself... he is also very happy. My family backs me up... as well as his. We do plan on getting married eventually... but I refuse to while I am pregnant... I feel he should want to marry me because he love me... not because I am pregnant. It is cheaper in the long run and less emotional for the child and for you to stay unmarried if you are unsure that it will last. Make sure its for the right reasons. Some things you have to consider: Are you willing to work hard to financially be able to support your baby... with or without the help of your boyfriend??? You have to realize your life is going to majorly change. Something I had to realize is that its not about me anymore... its about the baby. I come last in this picture... my needs are not as important as the needs of my baby. I've had to become responsible... quit smoking... no partying anymore... as much as that sucks because I am young. You have to grow up really fast. Keep the baby if you are willing to take care of it like it needs. Its going to need alot. If you will unconditionally love the child and work to support it... thats great. If you feel that you may not be able to emotionally raise the child and provide it with the material things it needs to be healthy and happy... maybe you should consider adoption. DO NOT keep the baby thinking it'll keep your boyfriend there.... you'll set yourself up for heartbreak. Who knows... you may even be the one whose feelings change. The way I felt when I was 15 is completely different than the way I feel now at 19. When I was 15 I was in love and thought it would be that way forever... the more I grew the more that changed... and now I have someone completely different that I love. I'm not trying to pursuede you into any decision... I have been where you are and I know it takes a lot of thought. Think more for your baby than yourself.... If you need to talk or any advice... I am willing to listen and even advise you. My e-mail is [email protected] Feel free to e-mail me. Pregnancy is scary... I'm in the middle of it...lol... sometimes it easier to talk to someone close to your age...


Angie 23 - November 2

just take care of you and that baby. i had my first child at 16. It was hard but my family stuck behind me 100%. unfortunatly, the father didnt. In the same case as you. But be strong, its your baby, and you can do it!


Haylee - November 6

i think you should keep the baby. even if he isnt around the baby is still a part of you. its a new life tht deserves living and deserves your love!


sarah - November 13

Keep your baby. If you really want to have a baby and believe your boyfriend will stay with you keep the baby. You will find that you will be so happy. I can't wait to have a baby of my own.


# - November 13

I have a feeling, Savanah, if you keep your baby youre going to miss out on so much that you deserve to experience. Normal high school fun, proms, college, girls night outs, having this baby is definatly going to change everything about your life. I know youre attached, youre a woman and pregnant that is normal and if you do keep it I'm sure you probably won't regret it but 15 is awfully young to give up your life for someone else. I would say give it up for adoption so a great couple that can't have children can love and nurture your son and give him a good stable home. Grow up first, go to school, fall in love, get married, and have a child when you're ready and when youre able to give your child everything they deserve. Bless you and good luck


lisa - November 17

hey dont worry just experience this preganncy with joy I am only 18 and preganant with my second child had my first one at 14, even though it was hard and i was scared i got threw it andwould never change that experience for the world, to look at my little girls face i can see that it happened for areason and i am sure that you will feel the same way after the baby comes!!


amapolitamomma - November 18

Do what is in your heart and don't let crotchety old ladies make you feel like a bad person or a bad mom. I became pregnant with my beautiful, wonderful daughter at 18 and made the decision to keep her. My life would be empty without her. It is so hard to be a good momma, to provide your child with the things that they need. It saps all of your energy, all of your financial resources and takes a lot of bravery to do it so young. It sounds as though you have a good support system. However, if you are feeling overwhelmed and are not sure if you can successfully raise your child, it takes just as much, or maybe more, bravery to choose adoption. Also, the minute you chose to have s_x and became pregnant, your life changed forever. You will always be somebody's mother, even if your child belongs to someone else. I could never, ever go back to girls nights out, and the typical young person life-style, even if I had made the decision to giver her up. Don't let people get you down. There are many programs which help young moms stay in school or get their GED, and college is definitely not out. I am currently taking night cla__ses at my local community college, and I believe that my daughter will be stronger for watching me put all of this hard work in. Don't give up.


becka - November 25

i realiy dont no what to say but i think that u shud live day by day dont even dream about tomoro just think about to day. do it for your little boy not for anyone else!!!! if the farther dont stay at least you have your family!!


Terri - December 2

Savanah, I would say keep your baby. I was 14 when I got pregnant with my first child...he is now almost 7 years old. he is healthy and a great child. i have been with his father since I have been 13. i am almost 22 years old and expecting my second baby in about 4 weeks. me and the father have been together for 9 years/ he is awesome. being a mom is hard at 15 you do miss out on whatever your friends are doing but i know myself that it was well worth it... every second of it. it is always awesome to hear my child say and write in school that his mommy is the best.


wendy - December 12

No matter what anyone tells you to do-you'll follow your heart anyway. I was 16 when I got pregnant with my first. I was SO in love and had lots of family support. We ended up in a horrible on again off again relationship for five years. Although he's still there for our son we were young and had no idea what we were doing. Relationships this young rarely last and are almost never real love. I'm now 26 and pregnant with my third. I am married now to my soul mate. Just keep in mind that YOU are what matters most. If you want the baby you have a long hard road ahead-but it might be worth it to you. Only you know that. As far as the father goes, don't count on him sticking around long. He hasn't lived enough to know he'll always be with you. But you'll have to find that out on your own. Good luck


susan - December 12

well all i can say is u cud be me. am 17 and 14 weeks pregnant my boyfriend has left me and doesnt want anythin 2do with our baby even when its born. i dont hav a job or anythin but 2prove everybody wrong am gonna keep my baby and do everythin i can 2show that i cud be a good mum 2it and that i dont need anybody else. yes i wish i cud be out there partyin with all my friends but my baby means alot more 2me so am gonna be a good mum 2it no matter wat


l - December 15

I am not 15, I'm 37 and having my third child. I have been very blessed to have a wonderful husband to support me, emotionally and finnancially. I think it is important to have as much support as possible no matter what circ_mstances you may find yourself in, married or un-married. I would advise you to make a written list on what you would want to give to your baby, emotionally, financially, intellectually and physically this very day. Can you do thoese things now? Will you be able to do these things soon? You should consider doing these things without the boyfriend. Having children means never being able to just think of yourself ever again. On the other hand, giving your child to adoption has other emotional choices to consider. Today, adoptions can be very open and you could still experience the joys of knowing your child without the weight of the full parental responsibility. I hope these ideas help you.May God keep you well and your little baby, too.



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