18 Weeks And Bad Rib Pain

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Alisha Stinson - May 18

Update - I posted on here at 28 weeks about my TERRIBLE rib pain that never seemed to stop!! I'm now 33 weeks and it just seemed to go away on its own. I tried everything from Tylenol, to heating pad, to bengay...you name it. The only thing that seemed to help (or maybe distracted me enough) was those sticky heating pads you can buy...thermacare I think. It seemed to help a little but beware - it can get costly! My fiancé (the physical therapist) told me that b/c the baby is pushing everything up, it's irritating our ribs, sometimes even pushing one or two out of place. Who knows...it will remain a mystery but to all you ladies who are experiencing this, hang in there. Hopefully it will go away soon enough...


Jill - May 18

I got the same with you Jessica,It's my leftside that bothering me too. I tried doing this Lavender bath salts everynight and boy, it worked. It relaxes our muscles and makes me sleep better.


Sara - May 18

Thank God!!! I posted last week about this, that night i found an old back brace at my parents house. I put it on the next morning and my rid pain was GONE!!! I wore it for 4 days and it never bothered me. I didn't wear it for 2 days and the pain didn't start back until today (the 3rd day w/o wearing it). The brace is not a maternity brace so i'm hoping that i'll be able to wear it for a while longer until the pain goes away (as it did w/ my 1st two pregnancies). Good luck.


Colette - May 19

I have had awful rib pain (left side) since 16 weeks (24 weeks now), my first two babies were very long, but never got this rib pain so early. As with others it doesn't seem to go away. Laughing kills, it feels like a pulled muscle. I am trying the acupuncturist my husband swears by tomorrow. I actually watched the pain area go into some sort of spasm yesterday. Conventional doctors don't seem to help, my Obstetrician laughed about my rib pain (well, giggled when she heard how long my other two were, like 'oh well'). If the acupuncture helps, I will let you know.


Dawn - June 1

Like everyone else, I'm glad to hear I'm not alone. I was worried it was something more serious but apparently not. I'm 34 weeks pregnant and have been experiencing this pain now for about 2 weeks. Unfortunately, I've yet to find a remedy that;s helped. Books suggest that it is the baby kicking your ribs and that changing position and breathing help, but for me, that seems sometimes to make it worse. I can't imagine that it's just the baby. At this point, I have to a__sume it's that displaced rib problem.


Katie - June 2

I also am having pain in my right side under my ribs, and it goes straight through to my back. I'm almost 10 weeks, it's been going on for a month and seems to be getting worse. The only relief I can find is laying flat on my back. My doc said it might be my gall bladders and I needed to eat healthier, but I already eat very healthy, mostly organic food - fruits, veggies, etc. The pain is getting unbearable at work, sitting at a desk. Any other tips?


Colette - June 6

The acupuncturist thinks it is inflammed cartilage between my false and true ribs. When I looked up the symptoms and causes it sounded right. Normal treatment is bedrest (not likely) and anti inflammatories (can't have). So I have been laying down as much as I can, heat packs and also Arnica cream, it helps very well in the short term, it is a herbal anti-inflammatory, that we can use. Pain is getting worse as bubba gets bigger. There is no long term rest time for the cartilage to heal, normal healing time is 4 weeks, but the pressure is constantly there. If you have tried everything else, try the Arnica cream. p.s. Acupuncture itself didn't really help.


Sam - June 7

I experienced this at about the same time. it was a really stabbing pain in the ribs that happened mainly at night. in fact it turned out to be reflux disease and I took some Gaviscon (antiacid) before going to bed.


Gigi - June 13

I thought I had broken a rib with all my coughing from a cold. I just see that a sore right rib is par for the course. I have tried the warm baths in Epson salts and that seems to help at night. Only 3 more weeks to go at this point, hopefully it won't get worse.


Michelle - June 20

To Linda Reid: This is really weird but I'm not pregnant..but whenever I breath in or sit a certain way or even lay down and stretch my right leg over my left..my upper right back near my rib hurts..i dont know what is it..


laura - June 27

I've had this rib pain with all 4 pregnancies. My best relief is to get into a swimming pool - there's nothing better than the weightlessness to stop EVERYTHING from hurting while you're in the water


jacqui - June 29

I am nearly 25 weeks pregnant and the pain in my left side rib and around the side appeared 23-24weeks and especially in the afternoon and I have a desk job too. I also have reflux. Maybe its a combination of the both??


jacqui - June 29

Maybe due bad cough/reflux/large for 25weeks pregnant and sitting down all day - does anyone have it on their left side under b___st and around side?


becky - July 2

wow I'm not alone. Mine is on my left side under b___st and lower. I can only imagine it is due to organs pushing up and belly enlarging (#5). This is 1st pregnancy I've had this problem and the biggest I've ever been at about 26 weeks. It is really pain to sleep with but I feel better knowing I'm not alone.


Michelle - July 5

I am so glad I am not alone. I have had this pain since 23 weeks. I am at 32 weeks now and the pain has not gone away at all. Mine is in my muscle under my right rib and It feels like a muscle was torn or something. It hurts to touch. I have asked my doctor twice now and she said that as my belly grows it is stretching my abdomen muscles and moving them causing them to ache. Sometimes if I sit back and make sure I am not crunching over it helps. Also at night lay on the opposite side and it can help. I sure hope the pain goes away soon.


Joanne - July 6

I am so glad to know that I am not alone suffering with right side rib pain. I asked my doctor what it could be and she had no idea. Needless to say it was very comforting to find this web site. It's to bad I can't apply it to the pain. The only thing that I have found that seems to ease it somewhat is changing positions often. If I'm sitting for a while I will get up and walk around and vise versa. It does get so bad that I sometimes just have to lay on my left side and then it seems to dissapate somewhat. Good luck to everyone and if I find a cure, I will let you know.



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