33 Weeks Pregnant

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RONEL - October 12

is it normal if you sit and it feels like when you've got period pains and discomfort?


Donna - October 13

Hi Ronel. I am 36 weeks and have been feeling the same thing for the last few days. I am a__suming that it's coming from the baby's head moving down lower???? My OB didn't seem concerned when I mentioned it to him today, and I described it to him as being similar to period pain. It's always good to ask though...............


rae - October 15

god, i hope its normal, because its getting to where when i sit, i just wanna stand, but then i stand, and i just want to sit. but i think its just one of those typical pregnancy discomfort things.


nicola jones - November 2

sorr pubic bone


katie - November 16

i am 33 weeks and have been waking up in the night feeling like i am goin to get my eriod, but my ob said as long as they don't last for long it is okay..


Emmerentia - November 18

It is called Braxton Hicks contractions. See link http://www.babycenter.com/refcap/pregnancy/childbirth/156.html


Heidi - November 28

I think it is very normal and it was explained to me by my high risk perinatologist that it is the uterus contracting as "practice" for labor. As long as they are inconsistent meaning they are not coming in even intervals such as every so many minutes in a row and are just sporadic then it is totally normal. You are also feeling the effects of relaxin on your joints in your hips and pelvic bones as they prepare for birthing. Who ever said this was fun and painless was lying! hahahah! You should look at the braxton Hicks link that emmerentia sent you.


ASA - November 29

Ask your doctor or midwife. I had the same pains and it was not Braxton Hicks. My baby is positioned weird and is sitting on a nerve. I have had this pain for weeks and nothing but giving birth will help because she is only getting bigger. I am 32 weeks now and I can't sit up or roll over in bed una__sisted. We are not health professionals and if you are really concerned, I would call him/her. It's different for every woman, every pregnancy. Don't suffer if you don't have to.


fefelia - December 12

yes it is , especialy if it wasthe last weeks.


brittany - December 20

Braxton Hicks are when your uterous suddenly hardens and they last upto a minute at a time but they should not be painful at this point in your pregnancy especially if this is your first so I am also doubting that this is braxton hicks but I also think that it is nothing to worry about. I had the same pain with all my pregnancies and according to my doctor it was due to varicose vein in the v____a which when you sit on veins engorged with blood it will cause cramping like sensations in your lower abdomen



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