35 Weeks And Feeling Like Whining

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krc - July 1

okay, my pelvis is stretching. Sometimes it feels like someone kicked me in the crotch !!!! And I have restless legs soo bad I feel like a zombie. I can't even take a stupid nap because after about 10 minutes of relaxing the restless legs kicks in. I get it every single day now and I am gonna go nuts!!!! I can honestly say that being pregnant has lost the cute factor !!! I am ready to feel normal again !!!!


Laurabb4 - July 1

Hang in there you are just a few weeks away. I do not enjoy the last few weeks of pregnancy either. The big, aching, nothing is good feeling!


Keli - July 1

OMG me too! I havent loved this whole pregnancy thing to begin with... and now I am really done with it. I'm ready for it to be over. I only have 17 more days, but that seems so far away. I cant sleep, I'm hot, my pelvis hurts, I am peeing every 30 min... BABY MOLLY, PLEASE COME SOON!


krc - July 2

i always thought i'd love every minute but now I know what everyone was talking about when they said to just wait till my 8th and 9th month. And to think I still have 4 more weeks till my due date !!! Im functioning on maybe 3-4 hours of sleep a night. This restless legs thing means I can't even lay in bed awake, I have to physically get up and be active. My pelvis hurts like heck, I have to pee about 5-8 times a night and just getting in and out of bed has become a painful inconvenience.I almost fainted while in the kitchen today, im constantly thirsty for water. All I do is pee !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Heartburn sucks, sometimes his movements are real aggresive and a little painful. I HATE... and I mean HATE bedtime with a pa__sion because for me it is torture knowing i wont get ANY sleep no matter how tired and drained I feel. ( sighs ) OH, the joys of being pregnant !!!!


daisyduke813 - July 2

I too am 35 weeks pregnant. mine is a boy and ever since i was 6 months pregnant he has been sitting so low. I have fibromyalgia and the discomfort is enormous. Sitting hurts my back and b___t. My hips hurt if i lie down. I have to pee about every 10 minutes. I am constantly thirsty. i feel like i have fingers hanging out down there half of the time. I didn't like the idea of getting pregnant to start with. I mean i wanted the baby but not the weight gain, stretch marks, or discomfort. I am soo ready for this to all be over so I can go back to being normal. I am sure my husband would agree. I don't have much longer to go. My doctor said I will probably go not long after the 4th of July. Thank God


Keli - July 2

KRC, why did you almost faint?


krc - July 2

I dont know really. I drink plenty of fluids and dont have low blood pressure or problems with sugar levels. I have a 100% normal, healthy, pregnancy. When it happened I felt myself slipping away, my hearing went away and my vision was slowly fading to black, my body felt weak so I quickly sat down and I slowly regained all normalcy....well I still felt weird for a few hours. I am wondering if it could be anemia but I am taking a wild guess. I have a helth problem that causes me to lose blood. Guess I will talk to my doc about it .


JenR - July 4

Whine away!!!! In my opinion, pregnancy sucks and I hated it. I was nauseas everyday for 8 months!!! I had my little boy 6 weeks ago and it was all worth it - I can't believe I am saying that because I swore I would never have another baby because it was so miserable. The heartburn for the entire 3rd trimester was horrible too. You are so close to being done...hang in there. Good Luck!


everthiki - July 10

I hear you krc!!!!!!! I thought I've being going nutts cuz my legs won't stop either. Constantly wanting to move. I can't even sit to watch TV anymore....at least no more than 10 min. I should be resting cuz my feet and legs are so swollen , but I can't stop moving!!!! Oh and the peeing every 20 min. I feel like I am constantly thinking about the nearest toilet...and feel almost stranded in my house fearing that I'll have to go if I step out the door. I am 34 weeks and 4 days, so almost there too. Hang in there! We will get through this!


krc - July 11

well today I am 37 weeks. I finally, after almost 2 months had 2 nights in a row of relief from the restless legs and then came last night!!!! I was up till 4am. I couldn't even sit in my bed, I had to get up and constantly pace the floor or anthing to be active. I wanted to cry or punch a wall I was soo frustrated because I was soo tired but yet I couldn't even sit in my own bed!!! GRRRRRRR Only 3 weeks left ( depending on when he decides to get here ) . I really hope this issue goes away when he's born. I can handle being up all night, that doesn't bother me, but restless legs... now that bothers me. Aside from that everything is okay. I dont think i've had a BH contractions at all. But I do feel like my little man is getting bigger cuz it sure feels that way. Im definately doing the waddle walk although I dont feel him down low in my pelvis yet. Today my back has ached some but not much. This waiting game is taking forever !!!


luckygirl0471 - July 29

I'm 34 weeks and she's already engaged, plus my cervix is really soft but nothing else is happening. I'm just ready for this to be over. And as far as sleep goes, between the constant urge to pee and the restless legs, I don't get much either. My doctor gave me some pills to help me sleep, but they don't help. All they do is leave me really groggy and they don't let me wake up till last minute to pee so then mty bladder hurts so bad for a while. And then those stupid Hot flashes! I have my air on all the time with fans going and I still feel like I am going to pa__s out from the heat. I can't wait for her to get here. I can't believe what we go through to have a baby.


yourtrish - July 31

Wow. Can I ever relate to this posting string. I'm almost 35 weeks and have THE WORST CASE of restless leg syndrome too! WTF!? No one ever told me my LEGS would be a major problem during pregnancy! It seems like the most ridiculous issue to have. My feet also throb at night...and I have no idea how to stop it. My poor dh has spent many nights trying to soothe the pain with ma__sages, but they don't seem to work. At least not for long. HOT HOT HOT baths help, but then I end up sweating my b___t off in the tub and need to get out before I pa__s out! Oh, and my number one favorite issue of all time, is that a few nights ago, seeing as I was on bath #3 or #4 because of the leg thing, I was sleepy, tired and trying to avoid standing in front of the window naked, so I ever so daint-e-ly tried to lower myself into the bathtub and took a major wipe out! So now my entire lower right leg is black and blue and I can't put any pressure on it. I couldn't beleive how stupid I was. And alll this time I've been saving my ma__sage hours for the last few weeks of pregnancy hell and I can't even use them on the one body part that bothers me the most. If anyone even goes near my right leg I cry out in pain! PLEASE TELL ME THIS IS GOING TO BE OVER SOON....


fefer1 - July 31

yourtrish - I have the terrible foot/leg aches myself. Foot ma__sages help for a while but I wake up at about 2am and have to rub my own feet. Last night I used a hot water bottle on my back and when it felt better I put it on my ankles/calves. It really helped! I was so suprised. You can buy them at a drugstore for around $10. Last week I also fell - up the stairs. I was in a hurry and missed a step and landed on the edge of the stairs with my knee. It left a nasty 3" slice across my knee - looks like a confused suicide attempt. :) And it bruised - and hurt all night long. I think I'm on the same timeline - I'm due 9/8. Can't get here soon enough!! My back is aching like crazy now and she is kicking/rolling so hard sometimes I almost can't stand it! Not to mention the poking me in the cervix, period cramps, no sleep, swelling feet and hands...blah blah blah...I feel better now. :)


b__terflies - August 1

OK guys, I am only 10 weeks and I am freaking out now. I had not a clue about all that stuff you guys are talking about! What is up with the restless legs? I don't get it!


fefer1 - August 1

b___terflies - wait and see! :) It's just an achey leg sort of thing, you want to move your legs around and just can't find a comfy spot. It's quite annoying but don't worry, not everyone deals with it. There are plenty of great things about being pregnant!


yourtrish - August 7

If it's any consolation, I think I was going through a hormonal phase last week because for about 72 hours I thought I was going to freak out majorly, and then finally, on Thursday I woke up and felt normal again. I still can't wait for things to progress, but I'm nowhere NEAR as miserable as I was last week. I think there's a shift in hormones that happens around that point...anyways, just wanted to write and see if you ladies have made it out of your funks or not yet...!?


fefer1 - August 8

I'm feeling like a bomb ready to go off. My poor husband - we never fight and I just unleashed this weekend and then I felt horrible and so I cried and then I was ok for a bit but now...I just can't seem to lift this funk. I want to yell at stupid drivers and everyone annoys me. :) I think it's because I'm so tired. Even coming to this site makes me crabby when it seems like I've read all the posts and there's nothing new. :) Now I can see why people get so upset when they go past their due date. It's like a magical date that is supposed to make everything feel better - by having the baby - even though it's still hard afterwards. At least your body can get back to normal!



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