A Series Of Pains I M Worried

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Janis - November 25

I am 30 weeks pregnant, I have been having really bad lower back pain, some stomache pain in the lower portion, some hot flashes that come with difficult breathing, and for the past 2 weeks I am feeling lower pressure, and it hurts more when I am feeling this pressure and using the restroom. I have also lost my mucus plug, and having braxon hicks that is not comfortable feeling when I was told it shouldn't hurt. I need someone to help me here and please tell me this is all common?


Crissy - November 25

Honey, PLEASE don´t take any risks and call your doctor ASAP. You will never be too paranoid when your health is at risk; it is better to be told there is nothing to worry about than you should have called earlier. In the meanwhile try to drink lots of water and see if that helps with the contractions. Take care and update!


amy - December 1

when u lose your mucus plug it means the baby is ready to be born. I lost my plug then 24 hrs later was holding a beautiful baby girl. Please go and get some advice hun you shouldnt be in that much pain it sounds like labour to me


angelea - December 1

this doesnt sound to good. call the hospital and speak to a midwife or a doctor. 30 weeks is very early to to have a show (mucus plug). with my second i had him less then 1hr after i had a show. so go get some medical advice asap.


Janis - December 1

I am the one that posted this question on here. My update is that I was told my mucus plug can grow back. I had called my doctor and he told me that everything I am going threw is normal. I don't think he realizes what exactly I am feeling, I have explained it to him even more then I have on this site and he still doesn't sound worried. I'm affraid that he isn't doing what he needs to do as a doctor to help me. I see him next wednesday on the 7th. Guess I will find out how I'm doing then. I will be 32 weeks long then. I was told by my friends and family to take it easy, my own doctor hasn't even said that to me. I just need to make it to week 37 and I will be full term. I sure I hope I can make it. Keep me in your prayers all of you please. And thank you for your replies.


Janis - December 1

P.S. I am not feeling as much lower pressure anymore. My braxon hicks contractions are still a bit uncomfortable, and I seem to get them more at the end of the day now. My back pain has eased up a lot since I have been taking it easy. My stomach pain as well is hardly anything now. The baby is moving still but not as much.



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