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Dian - July 3

Im always surfing the net and always looking about pregnancy. They said that when you feel pain in your abdominal it is a serious one. but I really dont know if it is normal in my case? my baby is now 3 months and 3 weeks and I experience abdominal pain its like cramps when you have menstruation but its mild.Sometimes it last for about 45 mins to 1hour. It occur last week twice a week and this week once. Am I have to worry? pls help me..


Jbear - July 3

What has your doctor said about it? It's probably round ligament pain or just your body stretching to make room for the baby, but it's best to check with your doctor.


nelly - July 4

You will experience so much abdominal pain throughout the entire pregnancy. There is so much stretching and things that are changing and it causes so many pains. I know how bad they feel I have had them and not been able to walk or move. Most of all abdominal pains are completely normal I even have had terrible menstrual cramps and thought I was going to miscarry and it was normal and I still have them and I am 37 weeks and I still have sometimes unbearable abdominal pain. Let your doctor know for sure though that will make you feel better. There is one thing I have experienced with this pregnancy and this pain I'm telling you is worse than anything I have ever felt I have givcen birth once and it hurts worse than any labor I felt and this is what its like~ It is in my sides mostly the right and goes around to the right side of my back and just the right side of my abdomine and is completey horrible and I am completey paralyzed with pain I cant move it hurts so bad I cant even take a breate without crying and I went to the doctor and he said that the baby was forcing my urine to backup into my kidney. If you feel any of this let the doctor know.


Jaime - July 5

I too have had what feels like menstrual cramps for the last week or so, but last night it was unbearable I didn't sleep at all. I go to the doctor on Friday so I will ask then, I am only 8 weeks. Any suggestions on how to make the pain lesson?



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