Abdominal Pain

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Rayne - September 1

For the last 4 months, I've had severe abdominal pain, exspecially on my right side. I'm well aware that my abdominal cavity is stretching or it could be braxton hicks, but the pain is so unbareable that I'm laying on the floor for an hour or so in unbelievable pain. I've been told that neither of those should hurt so much. The pain is a stabbing pain in the side and shoots down my right leg and arm. I've been to my doctor and to the emergency room several times and all of them said that I was perfectly fine and the baby is in perfect health. They also said they dont know why I'm in such pain either. Could it be from ovarian cysts? Am I the only one who experiences this?


Rebecca - September 2

Hi Rayne, I am in my 23rd week and for the past month or so I have had pain both stabbing and annoying on both sides of my groin and I don't believe the pain is braxton hicks. I am quite skinny and my Mum rea__sures me that because I am really small, the stretching is likely to be painful - there really isn't much of me to stretch!! My baby is perfectly healthy and I have had no problems as such - the doctor has said that sometimes the baby can be in an unusual position which may cause discomfort. Hope this helps.


Tiffany - September 2

I had the same thing awhile back i'm now 35+ weeks along and what they told me was its the legaments (sp) stretching and to rest... they also told me if its in my right side bend your right knee and if its your left bend your left... take 2 asprin and i'd be fine... well after a couple hours it went away by doin what they said... you'll be fine even tho it seems like it never ends


Donna - September 4

Rayne-my cousin is about 37 weeks pregnant. She experienced the same thing early in her pregnancy. She is also VERY thin and small. She was told its the ligament stretching, and her body adjusting to her expanding belly.


Rayne - September 9

Thank You for all your help



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