About 15 Weeks What Kind Of Stomach Pains Do You Get

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M - October 22

I am 15 weeks pregnant and experiencing all sorts of weird pains in my stomach. I thought it would be interesting (and very helpful) if you'd all share the pains you are having or have had in the second trimester, to get an idea of what is normal at 15 weeks and what to expect a bit later in this trimester. I sometimes get like a dull ache really low in my abdomen and groin and it doesn't come and go like the cramps I used to get during the first 10 weeks. It stays for a whole day and I will experience waves of stronger pains with it. Sometimes I also get a pinching pain very low in my stomach and a stretching pain in the area around my belly button. None of the pain I have is exrutiating and I have never had any brown discharge or spotting. I am of quite a small built so I guess it makes sense to feel some pain during all the stretching that's going on in there. Still, I would be very grateful to hear if the pains I am having sounds normal to you. Especially the dull ache that lasts a whole day... Also since entering the second trimester my br___ts do not seem as sore as before and also I don't think they are quite as full anymore!!! Is that normal? I had a scan just two days ago and baby was fine, I just can't help worrying every time I feel a new weird pain or when I touch my br___ts and it doesn't hurt. Your thoughts on all this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


Jenn - October 23

I am 15 weeks also and get all sorts of pains it all goes with the pre as long as not savere or you are bleeding its fine


Janya - October 28

I'm now 17 1/2 weeks pregnant, the soreness i was getting in my b___sts during the 1st trimester was constant but now it is very rare (just turning over in bed was agony). I am a__suming this is normal as your body is now getting used to all the hormonal changes its been going through and the symptons start to ease. I am suffering right now with a constant ache in my stomach, i don't get it everyday but occasionally and although its not really painful it is uncomfortable and you can't help but worry. I was suffering horrendous morning sickness and was very emotional during the first 2 months and wasn't very excited about things (although it was planned), but now that things have eased and i'm rarely sick i'm so excited, i can't wait to start showing as i'm so proud of being pregnant. I hope your able to enjoy the experience, the symptons will ease off? My first scan was at 12 weeks and i can't wait till my next one it was just amazing, my husband said he hadn't seem my glow so much, that's when it all became real.


Vicky - November 15

Hi I'm only 10 weeks pregnant & have been experiencing all sorts of pains too, particularly on the low left side, across my belly b___ton and some back pain. I have been really worried as I lost a baby at 6 1/2 weeks back in June. I also have IBS and although I have been sympton free for a few years now I'm not sure if these pains are related to this. Friends who have children keep rea__suring me that you get these pains but I don't know what is "normal". I had a very early scan at 6 1/2 weeks & the baby was growing in the uterus & had a heartbeat which was very rea__suring. I should be seeing my midwife next week and then I've got my 3 month scan the week after that. I can't help worrying about everything so am


Cathy - November 15

M-I also get the same exact pains that you do. Especially that dull ache in my lower abdomen which lasts only for one day.I am now 20 weeks. I also get pinching pains on different areas of my stomach and a poking pain in my bellyb___ton.I also was/am paranoid about all of the different sensations,so I would call all of my previosly pregnant friends and ask them if they felt the same.(most of them did)My b___sts are not as tender as they were in the first tri either.You will feel alot better when you start feeling the baby move.GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!


Jen - November 19

I am 15 wks and for a few weeks I have been feeling achy in my abdomen from under my b___sts down to my groin. Sometimes it is a sharp pain when I get up or stretch, etc. I describe it as a burning ache, like I have had a hard workout or have done about 1000 sit ups! I have spoken to some pregnant friends of mine who are further along and they had the same thing. My belly is expanding, and the best explanation is that the muscles are too. It only makes sense that your muscles will be sore when they are stretching to accomodate a bigger stomach. I believe it is called "round ligament pain".


Crystal - November 27

Last three pregnancies I have experienced stomach pains as well as lower abdominal aches. The stomach pains are like severe hunger pangs along with ga__sy sensations at times. Right now, I am very bloated at 15 weeks. Eating certain foods remedies the pain however, I get full fast and get hungry again just as fast. With my First 2 pregnancies, (one at age 19, the other I was 25) I had NO stomach pains. I guess it could be age as I am now 34 and everything seems to be acute. My Dr. a__sures me that the pain has nothing to do with the baby's health. I would not worry unless the pain becomes more intense, sharp or crampy. The pains I felt weeks before my miscarriage were always sharp, crampy & accompanied by spotting and bleeding. If your Dr. says you're ok then you are :-)


sophie - December 13

i am 17 weeks pregnant and was getting really bad pains that i could'nt stand up straight i was taken to hospital as they thought i was loosing my baby but when they did an ultrasound scan i had a little footballer my baby was very very active


Lisa - December 25

I am 14 weeks and just this past week I have been experiencing lower stomach pain. I also had upper stomach pain, in the past I was diagnosed wth gastritics. I am worried ,but I have no bleeding or spotting. I feel extremely bloated and crampy. I am trying not to worry but I cant seem to help it! This message board is somewhat reasurring, it just feels so uncomfortable and sometimes pretty painful...God Bless


SuCo - December 28

I'm 15 weeks and like the rest of you have been trying to work out what the odd sensations occuring in my tummy are (wind? constipation? baby doing the conga?). They're not painful but uncomfortable at times. I'm also experiencing a 'fluttering' sensation which is lovely. Thankfully my b___sts have returned to normal (albeit a bit bigger than they were previously). In the first trimester they were as hard as granite and very painful. In fact, apart from the belly contortions I feel great at the moment.


Kim - January 2

This is my first pregnancy and I am having the same excact feelings and anxieties. Since we are both feeling the same things I am a__suming that we are fine.


jessy - January 4

im only 7 weeks and ive been having off and on cramps. i cant eat sometimes but its really weird feeling. i had to stay home today cuz i didnt feel good.


mbagley76 - January 5

I am 13 weeks and today I have been feeling a little wierd....I have I guess I can describe it as a dull ache down in my lower abdomen. I guess it is normal of course I always worry about every little pain, but I see others have the same exact feelings...I think these discussion boards are great especially for first time moms like me who have no idea what is normal and what is not.


Marylee - January 11

What a relief. I am 16 weeks pregnant and have been experiencing the same kind of weird pains in my stomach and "down there" sometimes. My b___sts are also not sensitive anymore (though bigger than before). I had a miscarriage last year at 7 weeks and now every ache and pain is throwing me into a panic. I am so happy that there are so many others who are also experiencing the same things at this time. I can now relax a little. I wish everyone wonderful, healthy babies!


Erin - January 11

I am nearly 15 weeks and the reason I hopped on this website is because of the dull, crampy feeling I have in my lower abdomen. I am rea__sured that it is all perfectly normal and unless I have bleeding of some kind, every thing is fine. I am a first time mum and like most, I worry about every little pain and movement. I find this discussion board an amazing source of information and it always makes me feel better to come and read other people's worries!!! Good Luck to all of you and best wishes.


Katrina - January 12

I am 15 1/2 weeks pregnant and I have some lower abdominal cramping. I'm a little worried because I do not remember having this with my other 2 pregnancies. However I am rea__sured by the fact that there is no bledding and the pain is not excrutiating just a little annoying. I also had a sonogram 2 days ago and everything is progressing normally. I guess we all tend to be overlly concerned during this emotional time. Good luck to everyone.


Shelly - January 13

I am 15 wk 2 days, I am pg.w/my 4th I am blessed w/ 3 girls. I am also being blessed w/ my 1st boy, yeah.( just found out). I am just informing all that this is completely normal, you may also feel a weird sensation almost as if the baby is turning in side of you completely, these are braxton hicks. Fun Fun and then you'll all of a sudden have to pee. The fun doesn't stop. Thanks and good luck



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