Ahhhhh My Ribs

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confused - January 18

i am 19 years old and pregnant with my first child.... i am 27 weeks pregnant and i have been having very uncomfortable pain in the upper right side of my ribs... is this just because things are getting squished or what...it only happens on the right side


E - January 18

I am sympathizing with you as this happened to me. The pain will subside as the baby grows and has less room to "snuggle" against your ribs. I suggest pressing lightly against the area that hurts to try to move the baby away from that area. I sleep in an upright position for 50 percent of the night to keep my baby from resting against my ribs. It seems to help although I do not get the most quality sleep:) Best wishes!


Lisa - January 18

very normal for most pregnant women, i was talking to the midwife about it on my last clinic visit, she says it the feet up in that area. i have found that i have a lot more releif now that the baby has engaged and head is down...its also a lot easier to breath as well.


c - January 24

i feel your pain. mines on the left side. it hurts when i laugh and take deep breaths even! hang in there....


DESIRE - January 27

Hey confused! Congrats to you first of all! Second, I feel what your saying because I'm 20, and my right and left lower side is hurting once in a blue, but my back I dont know what to tell you about my back but it hurts soo much like if its something moving back in forth. I don't know if i'm pregnant or not, but I'm 5 days late now.


G - February 22

Why is there an advertis____nt on this site asking me if I want to buy a new or used pregnant woman on e-bay? It tells me to check out the deals. Is it pre-natal humour?


Jill - February 22

Hmm...pain in the upper right side of your ribs...I really think you should have your gallbladder checked. Ask your doctor. In the mean time, avoid high-fat and spicy foods and see if that helps. Good luck!


Alisha Stinson - April 5

I am having the same problem and I am 27 weeks also. I don't have any other symptoms such as gallbladder trouble, so I don't think it's that. It's a constant stabbing pain on my right side under my ribs. It lasts all day and night and has been consistent for weeks now. I can’t even lay on my right side as it hurts too badly. I have read that sometimes the rib cage or even a rib can become out of place, which makes sense, but I'm not sure if this is what is truly wrong. My fiancé is a physical therapist and he stretched me with my right arm over my head and lean all the way to the left. This helped but as soon as I straightened up it started hurting again. Anyway, I finally called my doctor and I have an appointment tomorrow as this pain is more than just general discomfort


in pain 2 - May 8

my ribs on my right side hurt as well! my dr. made me think it was a pulled muscle until i read these paragraphs. now i'm going to the chiropractor to get adjusted- i'm told it really helps!!!


nelly - May 9

i am also experiencing this except my pain is all on the left side this is my second pregnancy and i never had this discomfort with my first. i am 29 weeks and it is unbelievably painful no matter what it want stop hurting. my nurse told me the other day that it is because i am so little and short that i dont have anymore room to grow. also in my last u/s the baby was sideways maybe thats why mines on the left side.


Becky - May 9

I'm 30 weeks and have the exact same pain. I was at the dr. today and he says it's the baby pushing everything up and out which makes for sore muscle. Whatever it is it HURTS!!


girlisme - August 1

I am almost 30 weeks and am also experiencing this type of pain on my right side in front and in my back. My dr. only told me to stop eating fatty foods (since he thought it could be my gall bladder). I have been seeing a chiropractor for months now and that seemed to help for the moment but soon again the pain returned. I've tried the cold/heat packs off and on and that again only works for a short time. If anyone has any relief suggestions I would truely appreciate them! Good luck to all of you who are in this position!


yourtrish - August 2

Yes yes ladies, girlisme is right. I'm 35 weeks pregnant and can vouch for kicks to the ribs, but I also had gallstones and ended up having my gallbladder removed at week 14 of my pregnancy. I just wanted to let you know that if it is severe pain, with other symtoms like sweating, pain radiating to your back, nausea, diarhea, especially after you've eaten a fatty meal, be careful, because as I found out, gallstones can be dangerous (and lead to many other more serious complications). Anyways, don't worry...because if it is gallstones, there's no way you'll be "confused". They say the pain is worse than labour so I doubt you would miss it! As for kicks to your ribs from your little "angel" the can get pretty strong as pregnancy progresses. At week 35 if my little one decides to give me a real karate kick, I can literally cry out in pain!



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