Allergic To Palmers Lotion

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sparkles - January 15

Hi! I'm 26 weeks pregnant and discovered a rash all over my belly yesterday. It's hundreds of tiny, pinpoint red bumps scattered everywhere. I don't have any itching or discomfort at all. I have been using Palmers lotion for three months now, but have never had a reaction to it. The only place I put lotion on yesterday was my belly. I did wear a new shirt that I had only worn once before, but never noticed any reaction after I wore it. Do you think that I may have developed an allergy to the lotion or maybe it was a reaction of the lotion with the fabric that irritated my skin?? I still have it today, but it looks like it is slowly fading. I plan on calling my md tomorrow morning about it, but any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!


yungmama - January 16

Could it be the laundry detergent you used. Also, it could just be your hormones. I get these little red bumps on my chest and belly from time to time. I haven't had it too bad but it doesn't itch or hurt.


bethany - January 17

i had experienced the same thinq but it wasnt from palmer's it was from TONE cocoa body b___ter. palmers & tone dont smell so pleasant so i went and got a TUB of cocoa b___ter the real kind and it smells so good and moisturizes really well. so maybe u could try that to keep them stretch marks away >:O


sparkles - January 19

I still have the rash, but it's faded a good bit. The red bumps are still visible and I can feel them. No itching or irritation. I don't think it's my laundry detergent. I use All Clear with no scent or color. Plus, the shirt I wore was brand new and never been washed. I'd worn it once before, but never had any problems. I guess I'll ask my md at next weeks appt. Until then, I'm not using Palmers. :( I'm so paranoid about getting nasty stretch marks. Thanks, for the input!


michbell - January 28

I used palmers cocoa b___ter throughout my first pregnancy with no problems and no stretch marks, I am now 12 weeks pregnant with my second and have suddenly become allergic to palmers cocoa b___ter, rash on my stomach b___bs, legs. I stopped using it for a week to be sure then once the rash went I used it again to chewk and sure enough, the rash is back again, looks like I'll have to use something else.


Drowned_world - January 29

Hi Sparkles, since the 1st January I have had a severe rash over my body, so much so that I had to go to the doctors who put me onto steroid pills and cream to stop it from taking over my life. I have tried and tried to wrack my brains over what caused it, but I did not use anything unusual, just the Palmers that I had started using about 2 months beforehand. This is the only thing that I put on my body, but I thought it couldn't be the Palmers firming/stretch mark lotions since I had already used them for 2 months and nothing happened, so why now? I found this page by googling, 'Palmers rash' and since hearing your incident, I think it might be the Palmers! I am so disappointed, since the lotions worked so well for me :( they got rid of everything. Now I am off the steroids and the rash went away (I stopped using anything on my body for a while) but last night I used a little bit again on my legs, and then everywhere started to itch again.


sye - February 1

i've tried all different kinds of lotion and i still broke out in a rash except for one's called UDDERLY SMOOTH...give that a try...


Tanna - February 17

Strange Sparkles, the exact same thing happened to me the other day and I thought to myself "Could I actually be allergic to Cocoa B___ter?"


monsooncat - March 15

Just to add my bit... I had the excat same reaction to Palmers, had used for a few months on & off and then suddenly got a rash just where I'd applied it on my belly. Let it clear up, tried Palmers again and rash returned. Stopped using it and luckily my good genes protected me from stretch marks.



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