Am I Going Into Labor

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Meek-Meek - February 21

This is my first pregnancy, I'm 19 going on 20 yrs-old. I wanted to know could I be going inot labor in a few weeks. I'm experiencing tightness of the stomach, lots of menstrual cramps, diarreah,and back pains. I am not bleeding or anything, but they do get fairly intensed. Could these be false labor pains? or Braxton Hicks Contractions? This is my first pregnancy. I need help!!!!!


Amy - March 9

Na you will know when u are in labor it the contractions will take your breath away! You will have pressure when it is almost time(call the doc) if u havent dropped dont worry


Emma - March 12

How many weeks are you? Im 19 this is my first an im experiencing exactly the same things. I need to know how long before i go into labour! Im 39 weeks. Can anyone help!


autum - March 13

sounds like it's coming, Emma, your ready to go anytime now. the diarreah back pains are all syptoms of going soon, as for the contractions, you'll know when they are real. hope you two d good, keep us posted


Beth - March 21

Hey. I'm 16 and I just started my 38th week. I'm having the same thing. I'm so nervous becasue I don't know what to expect. I dont know what the pain is supposed to feel like or anthing. I just cant wait for the day to be here already. I need help too. Anyone please give me some info on what to expect. And how will I know? Please help...?


Mary - March 29

How far along are you? If you are further along yeah that sounds like you are going into labor. You have all the signs that I had. However I had alot of lower back pain also.


Trina - April 1

I am 21 years old and i am 37 weeks. I am experiencing some of the same symptoms you are having, but my cramps are due to gas, and of course the braxton hicks which can really freak you out for the first time feeling them if you have not been warned that they are normal. I am not too worried that i wont know when i am going into labor, i am more concerned that i will end up going two weeks past my due date and have to have a c section. all though i do believe i have dropped, but my torso area is so short it really has no where to drop to, so i feel out in the dark about being prepared to know when labor is soon here.


america - April 4

I am too 19 years old with my first pregnacy. i too have all the problems as you except i get strong pressure in my lower stomach area and i feel like like i have to push i am currently 38 weeks and also need help to understand if i am ready to have this baby!


Alicia - April 12

call the doctor so he can check you to see if your dialating i felt the same way when i was pregnant but i thought it was normal and when i went to the doc i was dialated to 3 centimeters my labor was induced 3 weeks later but i was also full term you didnt mention how far you are


kaylea - April 30

i think your on your way,im 41 1/2 weeks im over due and im getting your symtons too,so any day i reckon. Good luck hun!!!


DEANDA - May 1

When I was PG with my daughter, at the later stages of PG, I would get tighten of the stomach, it wouldn't hurt, but I was tired and when I went to the bathroom I seen my mucus plug in my panties. When I went to the doctor's they admitted me, I was 2cm dilated and by my mucus plug coming out, I was a__sesable to infection so with some inducing medications I had my daughter 2 days after being admitted. So don't dismiss anything with your body while your PG, call your doctor if your forsure.


Barbra - May 11

It is false labor your only in the first trimester of your pregnancy.


ashley - June 1



Jessica - June 21

Iam 37 weeks and have alot of pressure but no discharge and the pains are more regular. is this labor?


Jessicca - June 21

Braxton Hicks Contractions!!!! I'm in the same place that your in!


VAlerie - June 25

ok honestly i wouldnt know because im 17 and this is my first but i think im having my baby today...i had all of what you described when i was six months pregnant up until i was nine months...and they told me that it was just my uterus getting ready and that later on it would be a part of the Braxton Hicks....good luck...


miko - June 25

how do you no if you are pregn



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