Antidepressants During Pregnancy

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flgirl - February 23

Before becoming pregnant I was on Effexor for a couple of years. After deciding to have a baby I weaned myself off. I am now 3 1/2 months pregnant and notice my old symptoms returning. I am anxious, depressed, and just don't feel like my old self. I have even had others notice that I don't seem very happy. I'm curious if anyone out the is taking or has taken antidepressants during pregnancy and the outcome they had. I have my next OBGYN appt. in 2 weeks and plan to discuss it with him then. Thanks for any input/advice!


d - February 23

I am taking Wellbutrin. I had discontinued it when I tested positive, but my doc told me to keep taking them. It is probably a good thing, because I was quickly slipping into my old routine.


Erin - February 24

I am 20 weeks pregnant and I am taking Zoloft. My Dr. stated that I can remain on Zoloft until the third trimester and then I will slowly wean myself off for the delivery. She stated the most recent study suggested to wean off before delivery because they noticed some mild withdrawal effect on the infant after birth with women who remained on the medication till the end. Right after the delivery I will be right back on zoloft.


Kara - March 5

I am in the same boat. I was taking aropax til I found out I was pregnant at 6 weeks, and all doctors told me to discontinue, I was happy to do this as I didn't want to risk hurting the baby. But I'm 3 months now, and I'm slipping back again too. Nothing seems to hold my interest, and I'm miserable most of the time. My ob app is tomorrow I'm going to ask him about it. One doctor told me the reason they tell you to stop during pregnancy is noone knows what effect it has cos noone wanted to volunteer their unborn baby to the trial! (understandable!) so as a precaution, they say you shouldn't take it. One doctor told me though that if the benefits outweigh the risks, then you are better off continuing the tablets. Either way, your ob should be able to advise you. Keep trying, there's a few of us struggling along in the same boat! :)


angela - March 7

fluoxetine can be used in pregnancy ask your gp


tango - March 11

i have been on lustral/sertraline thru out my pregnancy, due on sunday, my doc said it was fine & i can still b___stfeed if i want


brandy - March 11

i am 10 weeks pregnant and my doctor told me to stay on my Effexor 75mg...So far it has helped me...Although it does had to my morning and night sickness. So just wait and see what the doctor says. He will be able to give you something to take if he does deceide that you shouldn't take the Effexor


Kay - March 18

I am on Wellbutrin, my doctor says its the safest thing to take.


sharon - March 27

im not sure if im pregnant or having hormonal problems but i took st johns wort for mood swings as i thought its safe as its herbal but came out in a nasty rash and had to stop using it!


D - March 29

Don't take herbal remedies without consulting your doctor! Herbal remedies can be just as dangerous as other ones. There isn't much research on St. John's wort during pregnancy, it may be ok - but ask your doctor! There are some concerns it might be linked to preterm labor.


Aisling - April 5

I stayed on Lexapro through my pregnancy after researching it in detail and discussing with my doctor and specialist, and it was definitely the right decision for me. I read up on the research that has been done (on animal subjects) and all the different opinions, and for me, it seemed the benefits greatly outweighed what seemed to be a very tiny risk. My son is here now and the brightest spark - definitely no problems there! Good luck to anyone making the decision. As my doctor said though, although no trials have been done, so many people HAVE stayed on SSRIs during pregnancy by now that if there was a problem, it would have come to light by now. These drugs have been around for more than 20 years. Just my 2 cents. aisling.


Julie - April 7

I take Zoloft and am 7 months prego. I discussed this with both my psychiatrist and OB/Gyn and both told me not to worry. I originally reduced the amount, but I could notice the 'old me' creeping back up so I went back to my old dosage.


Concerned - May 2

I am taking Paxil and am wondering if that will lessen my chances to become pregnant. Does anyone have any info?


Lily - May 4

I suffer from an anxiety and stress disorder...A lot of doctors will treat this with an antidepressant. At my first doctor's visit, my midwife suggested putting me on Zoloft. But because my condition can be treated with the proper dose of vitamins, I've chosen that route. Perhaps talk to your doctor about taking Zoloft? I was told that it is safe during pregnancy. Good Luck!


Catherine - June 28

I am currently taking a pretty high dosage of Zoloft and have been for over 8 years. My first pregnancy went fine and I b___stfeed. My Doctor said not to worry as well as my lactation nurse. I am pregnant for the second time and am still on my medication. My son is very intelligent and have not had any problems.


Jessicca - June 29

I am 34 weeks pregnant...if I didn't have a therapist to talk to and share my feelings with I would probably be on antidepressants. When I was 16 and 18 I were on that worried my therapist and doctor. I think going to someone may help to relieve your problems. Your just starting your 2nd. trimester so you can take the pills but I advise before you do that to talk to a therapist. I heard a lot of side effects could effect your baby if you take them now that your pregnant, so be very careful. Keep everyone updated on your health, let me know how your doing, if you need someone to talk too I know myself and the ladies here are willing to hear your out and give you some advice!


laura - June 29

I suggestthat you continue the good work! If you got off it, stay off it. You could slow the babys breathing.



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