Anyone Else Have Achey Stiff Back Hip

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Alison - May 16

Hi just wondered if anyone else is experiencing this. I am just past 6 weeks (7 weeks on Friday) and have been getting a bit of a stiff back recently that comes on through the day. The past day or two it's been more to the left side of my back and sort of round my left hip, stiff and mildly achey. More annoying than painful. My DH keeps saying it's probably normal and just shows things are "happening/growing" and I am believing him as I'm determined to stay positive having been through 2 miscarriages last year. I just thought it might reassure me even more if there were people saying "yeah I've had that too it's ok!" Yesterday (Sunday) I spent most of the afternoon and evening sleeping on the sofa as I was so tired and stiff and queesy! Woke up feeling better today (apart from the morning sickness!) but since morning been getting stiff/achey again. Anyway please please share if you have had this too it would mean alot to me just now! Thank you xxx


Katharine - May 16

Yup. I've had it too. The hip stuff was brought on by a misstep during a nighttime bathroom trip, though. I went to my family doctor to get "adjusted". My hip is better, but my back is totally great! He told me that I was out of whack and adjusted my back. It has been wonderful. Probably about two months of getting larger with very little back problems. I would say it is worth a shot to get adjusted (I prefered using my doctor as opposed to a chiropractor, since repreat appointments seem to be the norm with them). It might just help you avoid the extra annoyance of a stiff back. If not, at least you tried. BTW-my OB said it is OK to be adjusted, as long as the doctor doing it is aware that you are pregnant. You may want to check with your doc first, though. Hope this helps some.


nelly - May 16

every mornig when i get up my hip on the left side is very stiff and it is very painful and it desperately needs to be popped but it is hard to do sense my belly is in the way . i figured out that the best way to pop it and relieve the pain is to start walking and push on it where it hurts and it always pops for me and relieves the pain.


Toni - May 18

I've had this paid since 12 weeks and I am now 30. I have been seeing a Physical Therapist and Message Therapist since then. I get releif from the message and I get "adjusted" by the PT, however it still comes back. It seems that my left back muscles are very tight and the PT says it all has to do with the "loosening of the ligaments" so we've been working on strengthening the muscles to help "keep me in place" but I still get "off" often. This is my second child and I've been in agony the entire time. Just take it easy, get some exercise and message works wonders. Good Luck.


Alison - May 19

Thanks everyone for your help! I find it's worse at the end of the day when I am tired. DH says is normal and just part of being pregnant that things are streching/changing so that rea__sures me. Thanks again for your thoughts I wish you all healthy, happy pregnancies! xxx



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