Anyone Get Heart Palpitations

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Tara - May 19

I am 17 weeks and have had some palpitations as of late. I have had them before but each time it scares me and I am anxious for days. My doctor says it is very normal but it would make me feel better to know if anyone else gets them.


Amy - June 23

I'm 10 weeks and I get them all the time. It's a terrible feeling. My doctor tells me to drink more water. If I drink anymore I will have to live in the bathroom.


nelly - June 23

I am 36 weeks and have had very irregular heartbeats nearly the whole time. It acts up the most at night when I go to bed it feels like my heart is going to stop beating and then will feel like it is doing 4 beats at a time and even makes it hard to breathe.


Angelica - June 24

I had same and it was because i had low iron and was anemic so i had to take materna vitamins check with your doctor ask for blood work to be done


Natalie - June 25

I am also 17 weeks and mine have just started. I have been told that it's just the heart adjusting to having to work harder! Try not to worry about it as it will probably make you more anxious.


d - July 6

i am 24 wks and get the same thing. you could just be having anxiety from the emotional inbalance of pregnancy. i try to just breathe deep and meditate that sometimes eases the not so ignorable booming beats, plus my boyfriend is always away with work so that adds the extra anxiety


Amanda - July 21

I am 36 weeks and have had them everyday since week 28 approx. They are really hard to ignore and make me feel anxious which of course makes them worse!


Audrey - July 21

Hi ladies, I am 4 weeks, but I also have been diagnosed with this problem on an everyday level. Not jsut when Im pregnant. I just wanted to let you know that it is very common and that you just need to relax. If you experience shortness of breath or sweating you need to calm yourself and keep busy with something else. It will be ok.


Kerry - July 26

I,m 11 weeks with my fourth pregnancy and have had them with the last two and again now. Seems to be when I am most stressed and am using a natrual remedy to relax and finding activities that help me to calm down. Made it through my other pregnancys and have three very healthy children.


Amy - July 27

Um... yeah Im 15 weeks and it just started yesterday,,, i was online looking to see if anyone else got them, it scares me a lot but makes me feel a little better to know that someone else does as well :) [email protected]


Marta - July 28

I am 16 weeks now and have had heart palpitations since about week 11. They usually happen when I sit or lay down, not during my everyday activities. It feels as if my heart is not necessarily beating faster but stronger. Does anyone have that kind of pattern?


Amie - August 15

I'm 24 weeks now and my heart palps started at 20 weeks. i totally freaked out and ended up in the hospital and had a electrocardigram and ekg's performed. I saw a cardiologist in the hospital and he a__sured me that it's not normal to have these palps but it's not abnormal especially during pregnancy. Even knowing that i still am uncomfortable everyday thinking i am going to just drop dead or something. The doctor put me on a beta-blocker and it's been about a week and a half and i am still having the systems alot probably worse now than before. So i hope it subsides soon!


Cazandra - August 19

I am 16 weeks and have been dealing with palpatations. I get very anxious before I go to sleep. The doctor says it's normal, but it makes me nervous. I just slow down, breathe deeply and try to relax and wait it out.


r - August 20

are heart palpitations i mean can they b a sign i had this and i am 27 days late i was gettin these as soon as i missed my period but they went 2 weeks ago.



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