Anyone Pregnant And Have A Hernia

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Mimi - May 17

I am 21 weeks pregnant. I knew I already had a small hernia months before from a previous surgery I had on my ovary. I was laying down the other night and my husband was rubbing my stomach and was playing with my belly button. I started to laugh and That is when I felt the hernia poking out when I laughed. I called the doctor and they said that I would have to hold my stomache when I cough or sneeze and not to lift anything heavy. They will examine me at my next appt. next week. Anyone else have this problem?????


jen - May 17

think i have a hernia, above my belly b___ton to the right, undiagnosed. discomfort after fatty foods sore if pocked. anyway, if it is a hernia, the baby keeps kicking it which is not funny, have to try and move its leg away from it!!


Jbear - May 18

I had a c-section 3 years ago. Six months after I had it, I fell while carrying a mattress and felt something tear along the incision line. I didn't get it checked out then (no money), and by aug. 2004 it was so painful I could barely walk, and when I stood up, I could feel something slipping in my v____a. I went on a diet to see if that would help, and the pain was nearly gone by Dec., when I got pregnant. At my first visit with the OB, I told him I suspected I had an incisional hernia. He felt the area and said it could be a weakness in the connective tissue. I'm 24 weeks now, and I can feel a definite bulge in the area where I've had the pain. I'm having another c-section, and the doctor says he will be able to repair the hernia then.


Mimi - May 18

Well I talked with my doctor and they said it is very unlikley that I will need a c-section because of a hernia. They can do a laproscopy after the baby is born. I hope in my case that is true, because I don't want a c-sec at all!!!


Mimi - May 18

Luckly my hernia is not bothering me. No pain. I do feel I am bigger than normal for being 21 weeks. So it is a little annoying, but it doesn't hur\t


Lisa - June 19

I also have an insicional hernia about 4-6 inches above my belly b___ton from a previous surgery. My doctor also said that he doubted I would need a c-section for mine, but I think he's a moron. I rotate among 4 doctors in the practice. I planned on asking the next doctor, but that's not for 3 more weeks. How large is your hernia. I only feel mine when I stand up and when I cough, but I am overweight, so it's hard to judge. It feels like it is around 3-4 inches across. Is yours about that size, or is yours smaller? I really don't want to have a c-section. Thanks!!


Jbear - June 20

The reason I wanted a c-section is because I had already had one, I suspect this hernia, and I also want my tubes tied. My doctor had told me I could still try a VBAC, but I didn't want to, because my first try (a failed induction) was so unpleasant. I'm overweight and I can't see my hernia to guess how big it is. When you have a c-section they cut above the pubic hair from hipbone to hipbone, and that's where my hernia is, on one side.


Nanci - June 24

I had Gastric By-Pa__s and 2 years later a Hernia Repair. I'm now 10weeks pregnant and might be considered for High risk, any one ever have this problem?


Jbear - June 24 I haven't had a gastric bypa__s, but I was looking up info about it and pregnancy when my sister had one.


1st time mum - August 21

i when to the docs the other day and i mentioned to her this long lump that comes up in my stomach when i get up, she said it was hernia and happends were the muscles seperate for pregnancy, i have got quite a bit of pain and think i shud see the doc again. has any one had this and can advise me.



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