Anyone With Pcos

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Deejay - December 7

Has anyone ever concieved with pcos and how long did it take. I am ttc for 2 years, and just told I have pcos. Tryed clomed this month and i think that the cysts are coming back. Anyone else have the same situation


Kazza - December 8

hi i have pcos and i am 7 weeks pregnant. My partner and i had to try for 10 months but didnt give up. good luck.


nicole - December 8

hey there, i have pcos. we tried for 10 and had a m/c in july and now i am 5 weeks. you'll get pregnant, it just takes time.


Help please - December 8

This is not about ttc, but I have been looking up information on PCOS. I read that instead of a pear shape abdomen you will have a apple shape abdomen and a decrease in b___st size. I am a small person, but with a swollen and hard stomach and swollen b___st. To me I do not have an apple shape abdomen, more like a one-sided pear shape. My pregnancy tests have been negative and I have been having irregular periods starting just this year(been regular since 12). I do not possess any facial hair, but I do have a little hair on my stomach since I was little. Always had hair on my arms and legs but just a little. All the insulin and thyroids are normal,but I also read they can be normal and that could be a sign of PCOS. I have been to several doctor one last week and this week and another one tomorrow. The doctor last week said I do not have any cyst and my ovaries are normal size(not enlarged). The doctor I went to on Tuesday says their are cysts on my ovaries and I could have PCOS, but she would have to look at my lab work from the other doctors to determine that. To me my symptoms mimic pregnancy, but could not be. I even feel and see movement in my stomach and my crotch, but that could be something else too. The internet is so confusing because they say irregular period does not always mean PCOS and the doctors would have to check for hirituism. I do have milk coming from my b___st, but still confusing since it could be a sign of hypothyroid. I have been to several doctors this year and was never told I had any cysts. So who do I believe or do I just go and see what the other doctor says. How were any of you diagnose with PCOS? Can I have these problems for months and not have any cyst and then the cysts form.


kimberley - December 27

i have pcos and ive had it for 2years now and im now 8 weeks pregnant. i was on the pill for 2years and came off it as i was bleeding all the way though it and 8weeks ago i became pregnant you just have to stick with it and dont give up. i wish you the best of luck.


maryg - January 2

anyone had ovarian cysts that mimic pregnancy? I had a ruptured cyst a few months ago and have since been taking progesterone supplements. Am now 1 week late for AF, but all HPTs negative. I've been having pain in the same ovary and am wondering if it's a cyst causing my pregnancy symptoms (nausea, bloating, sore b___sts, frequent urinataion). Thanks!


DeeJay - January 3

My cysts mimic preg. alot!!! Infact right now I have sore tender b___sts, to the point of being annoying, and I have had nausea, hard swollen abdomin, and big time crampy feeling, I also had one day of light spotting, however, I know these are just my cysts again, and I am resisting taking a preg test because I know I'll be disapointed. Thats the cruel irony of these, they mimic preg symptoms, all the pain and discomfort, but no preg. It is very cruel. I have been ttc for 2 years. I didn't get the cysts untill a few months ago, but now each month they are getting worse. I made an appointment for a fertility spec. because I cannot take this pain anymore. Sometimes it takes my breath away it is so bad, and I am so nauseous. I wish you better luck than I have had, please let me know how you are doing and what your doc says. Any hope would be wonderful to hear right now! Good luck!


Jill - January 4

First of all, you should consider seeing a fertility doctor/specialist...I tried to conceive for one year before my OB refered me to a fertility specialist who diagnosed me with PCOS within the first month. Not the greatest news, but at least I had answers. There are medications and diets to help with PCOS in addition to fertility plans. Clomid only stimulates the egg release, if there is an underlying problem (PCOS) that should be looked at and dealt with first. After a few months of metformin to help regulate the way my body uses insulin(which ultimately allows the eggs to release instead of attaching to the ovary), then after a clomid cycle, I was inseminated for the first time and now I am pregnant!! There is hope, but I strongly urge you to talk to your doctor or find a fertility specialist.


uhh - January 4

yeah what is a pco?? what is a ttc??


to anyone with PCOS - January 4

What are the signs of PCOS? Are b___st enlargement and b___st leakage a possible sign of PCOS?


Hil - January 23

I took clomed for about 3 months, and finally conceived, though I did end up losing it, not to say there isn't hope for you.. Though after I gained enough hmmm faith I tried again I think in June and july of last year, with no luck, so I just stopped completely, didn't take anything, didn't take pills, didn't take anything, and now it is a little over a year since I originally started taking clomed, and I just found out I am pregnant on my own.. I think and I know I hate to say it with every single ounce of my being, you just have to leave it be and not try to stress over it so much it will happen.. And believe me I am sure you are tired of hearing that, though it will happen..


K8 - February 1

I concieved after 3.5 years of trying and with PCOS i did it without any hormone replacement medication. Good luck and dont stress.


christine - February 3

i was diagnosed with pcos 3 1/2 years ago after a year of ttc the dr said i had basically no chnce of ever having children but got pregnant on the 4th cycle of clomid and had a beautiful girl now 2. just found out i am pregnant again 6 weeks and this time we didn't take anything!! although i have been on metformin for a year. metformin definitely can help regulate your cycles (i went from 0 cycles a year to having about 6) good luck believe and it will happen,


CHERRYBABY25 - October 5

I was diagnosed with pcos about 6 months ago, but I have had symptoms for 5 years or so. It all started when i would go ten months to a year with no period and once i would bleed, i would bleed for 3 months with heavy flow. I went to many doctors that said my issues were due to my weight problams. Because I was not s_xually active most doctors would not do pelvic exams. I went on like this for many painful years. April 2006 I was married and moved to a new city. I happened to go to a male doctor (for the first time) and once I told him my problems he siad he was almost positive it was due to pcos. After many blood tests he conformed it was. I am now on progesterone 200mg troche as well as metformin 500mg 3 times a day. It only took about 1 month to stop the heavy bleeding and my periods are almost regular (with some spotting). In the last year or so I have noticed tag moles on my neck and arm pit area. I have heard that pcos can cause this but i have no idea why. My husband and I are now ready to start a family, but no luck yet. Some good news is that I have lost 20+ lbs.


CHERRYBABY25 - October 5

This is for (Help Please) I'm no expert but in this case, but I do have pcos. I have had many pelvic exams and ultrasounds and I do not have cysts and my ovaries are normal as well.. Just like everyone has different body types, woman also have different side effects. would go to another doctor if I were you, just to make sure!


autumnsmommy - October 9

I have PCOS too. I have a 5 1/2 yr. old 2nd cycle clomid 50mg...and I'm now 4 1/2 weeks pregnant 50mg clomid and 500mg metformin 5th cycle and 2nd cycle following HSG. Good Luck! It can happen! :)


dukele - October 12

Hello I have PCOS, without the cla__sical symptoms (I am a pear, slender). When I was on birth control I had didn't have any hirsutism but now I have minor and acne. I know it sucks ladies, but I am also 18 weeks preggo, with one miscarriage behind me. With PCOS you are also at an increased risk of miscarriage once you get preg. You should ask your doc about progesterone supplements as soon as you conceive. If you are having problems getting preg, I recommend the book, "Taking Charge of Your Fertility". WIth PCOS it is hard to outline when you ovulate, because it usually happens less than the typical once a month. This charting method helps to outline when you ovulate, when your fertile days are, and when you don't ovulate during a given month. That along with fertility treatments and a controlled diet and you should have a much better chance of conceiving. Good Luck!!!!!!!!



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