Anyone With Pcos

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dukele - October 12

Hello I have PCOS, without the cla__sical symptoms (I am a pear, slender). When I was on birth control I had didn't have any hirsutism but now I have minor and acne. I know it sucks ladies, but I am also 18 weeks preggo, with one miscarriage behind me. With PCOS you are also at an increased risk of miscarriage once you get preg. You should ask your doc about progesterone supplements as soon as you conceive. If you are having problems getting preg, I recommend the book, "Taking Charge of Your Fertility". WIth PCOS it is hard to outline when you ovulate, because it usually happens less than the typical once a month. This charting method helps to outline when you ovulate, when your fertile days are, and when you don't ovulate during a given month. That along with fertility treatments and a controlled diet and you should have a much better chance of conceiving. Good Luck!!!!!!!!


negra831 - February 10

i was wondering if any one knows the symptoms of pregnancy for us that have pcos...


quackidoo - March 6

I was dx'd with PCOS about a year ago, we hadn't been using any kind of birth control for three years with not even a pregnancy scare to show for it. We decided to start fertility treatment. I had to take medicine to make me have my period before I could take the fertility medication, but it didn't work. My Dr wanted to give me a stronger dose but I had to take a pregnancy test first, it ended up being +, so we hadn't even started officially trying yet and I got pregnant. I was sure I was in for a rough road. So maybe you'll be as lucky as we were! good luck!


Cain010507 - April 10

I know this forum is kinda old but I was diagnosed with PCOS but only in my right ovary, each ovary ovulates in rotation the right ovary one month, the left ovary the next and so on. I got pregnant in 2006, had a miscarriage, then got pregnant again a month later, I now have a 2 year old son, and am 7 months pregnant, so dont let pcos get you down...


spieper08 - March 5

My Dr told me I had PCOS in September of 09. In october I had the surgery ovarian drilling, but when the dr cut me open he saw that my ovaries were outlined in veins so he was unable to drill holes. He told me the only way to conceive is to take fertility drugs. I took 2 cycles of clomid, first time was 50mg the second was 100mg. on march 10th I am going to see a fertility dr. What fertility durg would be best to go on?


Secora - March 6

Hi I realize this post is just over a year old I was diagnosed with pcos when I was 18 and told that if I ever wanted chikdren I'd need help to do so well a few years past and I started seeing a guy and 9 months after I got pregnant with no help no drugs nothing I had a lil boy loved him to death but I wanted another a girl tho I kept trying for a few years then gave up I thought I wasn't meant to have any more then 8yrs and 4months after I had my son I gave birth to my first daughter yes my first 2007 then I had two more one in Jan 09 and December 09 my last lil girl was 9 weeks early but healthy she was home in three and a bit weeks and I did it on my own with no help from drs and im suspecting I might be pregnant again tho my hpt came out negative I have enuf symptoms but I still don't know so anyone who is discouraged about not getting pregnant with pcos it happens hang inthere :)



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