Back And Rib Pain

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Sarahk - January 26

Im 8wks pregnant and i feel a pulling up near my ribs now and in my mid back, i was just wondering whether its normal, like the stomach streching or whether i might have a virus. Has anyone had the same feeling


Kiley - February 14

I too was feeling pain in my ribs, I just figured it was my intestines moving up to make room for my growing uteris, I do think it's normal, my doctor said not to worry about it.


Nicol - February 16

I also have the same kind of feeling. Although it seems to be concentrated around the right side of my ribs.


Rachael - February 24

I feel the same as Nicol, pain on the right side, but some days it's more in my back. I guess it just depends on his position. I just push on him to move. but it doesn't always work. I guess we are all running out of room in there. :) I have 5 weeks left so maybe the baby will drop in a couple weeks and give my rib cage a little relief.


bonmon - March 14

it could be your gallbladder, esp. if pain is in back and upper right shoulder blade.


nicole - March 15

I too am about 7-8 weeks and have a pain in my ribs and right below, at first I thought my underwire bra was just getting too tight since I'm feeling really tender, but even after finding more comfortable support I have it still. I have my first dr appt thurs and I plan on asking if its normal, so I'll keep you posted.


Amber - March 30

I am at 24 weeks and I am having the same parin itr started about a month ago and my Dr right now thinks it's heartburn. It hurts for me to sit or stand in one place I have lay down.


Donna - March 31

I am having the same problem. I have 5-weeks to go, but am finding that my back and side hurt. I am takine tylenol to try and relieve the pain, but it hasn't helped. (I am not that big...I've only gained 5 lbs my entire pregnancy and I am 41-yrs old) any ideas?


Reegsmommy - April 1

Hi. I too have pains on my right side, just under my rib and it extends to the upper right side of my back. I have found that changing positions seems to help. I am just 7 weeks now, but am looking for an answer to this as well


Aamna - April 9

Hi I was having a similar problem with my ribs on the right side. I'm 11 weeks pregnant, and have been feeling a cramping pain and other times it's just extremely sore, and I feel it in the back side of my ribs too. I looked the problem up on some other web sites, and I guess it's just a common thing during pregnancy. I was so worried before! I felt I might have some kind of infection or something! But I think it's normal, because your ribs try to expand for the baby.


Natalie - April 18

I think it's normal,i have pains under my bra lina and then it goes between my shoulder blades in my back, it's only been 2 days, it feels like muscle spasm, i'm a little worried too...


CMS - April 21

I may be pregnant, not sure as of yet. I have started to spot, but nothing like a normal pregnancy. But the past two days, I have been feeling this pulling pain underneath my rib cage. I pray I am, cause two years ago, this month--I had a miscarriage and have not been the same since. Will keep you posted.


Ashley White - April 26

I'm around 15 weeks and last night I felt this jolt of pain(stabbing) on my right side in the ribs. Today, I'm very sore on my right side. I think my baby is playing Kung-Fu inside my body. By the way, this is my 2nd pregnancy. Everyone says you can feel the baby move sooner, but my goodness, this was a Karate Chop!!


Banu - April 29

I am 24 week pregnant. I have extreme pain just under my b___st at the right side of my ribs and it extends to back slowly. Because of this I am not able to sit continuously atleast for two hours. Neither not able to stand as well. Please if some has or had similar problem please let me know when it will go away and what will make the pain less. I am lying on bed most of time because of this problem. Please help.


Brooke - May 2

This is happening to me also. I am 12 weeks and for the last week or two i keep getting these stabbing pains under my right ribs. Now that I see that it's not just me I feel alot better now!!! It must be pretty common....


Jennifer - May 3

I totally resonant with you Banu. I am 31 weeks pregnant and have had pain in my right rib, unber my b___st, that wraps around to the back. I have had it before I even started showing, at about 14 weeks. Most days it is unbearable to sit, and I have to find a way to recline while eating--no more fun dinner or movie dates! Some days are worse than others. Tylenol does not touch the pain. If I lay with a pillow behind my ribs and lean my head back, it will sometimes relieve it after a few hours. I started getting weekly messages to give myself something to look forward to--I totally recommend it (worth every penny--I rationalized that I can't really go out for dinner anymore so that money goes to the message therapist). Good luck and let me know how it goes!


Dawn - May 7

I found that by gently ma__saging and pushing down on my abdomen under my right ribs the pain subsides. It also seems to help my mid-back pain (which I suspect is my ribs expanding from the pressure below.) Try it! I was miserable until I discovered it.



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