Back And Rib Pain

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Banu - June 29

I have posted a message at this forum on 29th April when I was 24 week pregnant. At that time I had very severe pain on the right side just under my b___sts. Now I am 33 week pregnant. After my 29th week, the pain has gone by itself just like magic. I didn't take any medication or any therapies. The only thing I tried is stretching exercise, whenever I used to get this pain. It used to give me bit relief. But after few days it has disappeared completely. Now I feel like I am free again. I hope this helps.


Stephanie - July 8

I am 27 weeks and keep feeling this stabbing pain on the right side and under my rib cage. My gallbladder has already been removed. I know it's not a foot either.


Pennie - July 11

I am 23 weeks pregnant and when I rolled over this morning I had extreme pain on my right side not under my ribs. But I could not turned. Does anyone feel this?


katesa - July 12

Well the DR agreed it was tender there. I went and had a blood test and all is ok with the liver. I am off to see the anti-natal DR next Monday. I am so fed up as it is just there nagging away all the time and now it is effecting my sleep. I wish the process wasn't so long so I could get on and do something. At the moment I have been hesitant to do exercises just in case I make it worse. I advise anyone to contact the midwives and GPs as soon as this starts. I wish I had.


CC - July 17

I am 29 wks pregnant and have had knife like pain in one small area of my right side, mid/upper back . 24/7 pain that was getting unbearable as of late. I purchased a regular back support brace, which has worked great during the day and at night I use an ice pack on the area.


Sarah - July 22

I just read all of your posts, because I too have been having pain under my right rib area. It seems to be right under my right b___st. I've talked to my doctor, for the last month about it, and got an ultrasound of my gall bladder that turned out to be normal, but it definately doesn't feel "normal". I'm 31 weeks, so I don't have long to go, but thats still a long time to go when your in so much pain. I read today that pain in that area could be a sign of pre-eclampsia, so maybe you guys should ask your doctor about that. Who knows. Good luck everyone, Oh and I was wondering if anybody else felt a little bit swollen in that area? I do.... The Ice packs help.


Kim - July 23

While I wouldn't wish this rib pain on anyone, I'm somewhat relieved that it's not uncommon. Same place as all of you--right side just under my b___st and all the way around. I'm tired of the "it's normal" answer too. I've completed 31 weeks. This is my 2nd time. I had pre-eclampsia with the first one and never felt anything like this. As long as your blood pressure is normal, and swelling isn't horrible, you should be ok. My face and ankles blew up so big, no one recognized me. Good luck.


Jeni Clark - August 4

Some of you might have what I suffer from: Thoroconeuralgia Gravidarum. It started when I was 3 1/2 months and continued to get worse as the pregnancy progressed. At 4 months I had to stop working. I cant sit or stand anymore--at all. I am in serious pain and have tried EVERYTHING to make the pain GO AWAY...nothing has worked. The pain is supposed to go away within hours of delivery (which is is 4 more weeks :) I feel sorry for anyone who is in my boat!!!!!!


Jakie - August 6

If im pregnant(its not confirmed,still finding out the sympts cause my tests keeps coming back neg)how long after does it feel sore under my rib cage? everytime i touch it or roll over in bed i feel like i have a right side doesnt hurt as much as my left.i dont understand why i feel all this when my test all come back neg. is my mind just playing tricks on me?


christy xu - August 11

I have the same problem as well. Here are the imformation I found that works for me: Rib pain You may experience pain under your ribs from around 29 weeks when the top of your womb starts to push up on your ribs. This can be extremely sore, particularly when your baby kicks. It is often worse on one side, depending on the position your baby is lying in. The pain usually goes away towards the end of your pregnancy when your baby moves down into your pelvis, ready to be born. What can I do about it? Sit up straight to make as much space as possible for your ribs. Avoid slumping Lie on your side(the side which is not painful) when you rest or sleep. Raising your hands above your head reduces the pain as it lifts your ribs off your womb. Good luck to all of you!


Paige - August 12

I am 23 weeks and my pain in on my right side in my ribs and goes all the way around to my spine on my back. I was prescribed Flexiril but can only take it at night so all day at work the pain in horrible.


mommain6weeks - August 14

Starting at about week 31-32 I had pain on my right side. in the front from just below my rib cage to my hip bone. It would come and go and since this is my first pregnancy i just a__sumed it was the baby i felt it more up by my ribs than anything. so i ignored it. than by week 33 i got up one day and laid on the coach and cried until my husband came home. i went to the dr. who was going to do a urine test until she saw it and sent me to the hospital right away. It had been a darker color which it hadent been up until that moment. apparently i had a severe kidney infection . but by the time the infection reaches your kidney its already basically a uti . So i was put on medication for 10 days and sent home to be checked at the end of 10 days. unfortunately as you can tell from the post im up at 5am . hehe the pain has now moved into my back also on the right side but its up a littler higher than my kidney . so if its still there in the morning * when the rest of the world is awake* than ill take a trip in . id rather be safe than sorry . incase it spread even further . also apparently uti's and kidney infections can cause premature labor :( so everyone be careful of that. but just dont let the pain get to far. just have the dr send some urine off to check for bacteria to be safe.


ally - August 15

I'm 36 weeks pregnannti have pain in my back and under my ribs too, it gets worst before it gets better sorry


casey - August 20

yes, I am 35 weeks and I have this serious pressures and pulling on both sides of my ribs it is almost unbarable pain.


casey - August 20

i am 35 weeks and have serious pressurs and pulling in both of my ribs.


Glinny - August 22

I have terrible pain under the right rib cage going into the right side of my back. Had my gallbladder checked. All came back normal. It hurts most after eating. I think its heartburn related. I had acid reflux before pregnancy and the pain gets much worse after I eat. I think its a combo of the baby pushing up and the food that causes my pain.



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