Backache Medication

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Maureen - September 13

My back is killing. What are the safe meds that i can take?


Michelle - September 13

The only thing I know of is Tylenol.


Laura - September 15

I would really, really recommend you talk to your doctor. You can't just take any painkiller (even Tylenol!) if there's even a slight chance it may affect your baby. I would recommend some natural medicine (herbal tea) but I'd still advise you to check with your doctor first!!!!


H - September 15

check this out: I absolutely agree that you should use tylenol as a last resort. Exercising, using a pregnancy pillow, sleeping correctly and practicing good posture will seriously help you. I really don't think medication is good for the baby. Also, be really careful with herbal teas, because some of them can harm your baby.


Leslie - September 16

During my pregnancy my husband would give me backrubs and this really helped. He said it was the least he could do since I was the one carrying the baby so I took advantage of this as much as possible. If you have someone around who is willing to do this for you it can really help.


Ida - September 16

Try to stay off your feet. If you are standing or walking all day your pain will probably become worse so before you resort to painkillers try this prevention technique.


karen - November 30

i agree, check with your gp first, i am suffering with back pain at the moment, a few days ago i couldnt even go further than the toilet without being in agony. i phoned my hospital and told them and they said to take co-codamol, but only if the pain is real bad, but like i said dont take anything without checking with the gp first good luck!


Lilo - December 6

I'm having backpaint too and it's not even related with the preganancy yet. I talk to my doctor and he said it was ok to have physical therapy. that is helpping.



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