Bad Cramping

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Kris - October 15

I am 16 weeks pregnant and just yesterday I started getting bad cramping. The pains are low, right above my pubic region. It is very painful!!! I am not sure if this is my bodies way of growing and stretching out....but it is painful!! Anyone else expierencing this??


K - October 22

Hi ~ I am about 10 weeks and have had cramping but not real bad painful cramping. Before I would get "period cramps" now it feel like a dull pulling or tugging and it in my stomach area and it's more of a discomfort than a pain. My Dr. says it's my uterus stretching and growing. You're probably okay but if it's really painful I'd call your Dr. just to be on the safe side.


AJ - October 27

I am wondering if you might have the same issue that I do...Gas. It seems gas bubbles get caught and I get miserable.


Jamye Fear - November 8

I am only 8 weeks and yes, I have that at times. It feels like someone is ripping your pelvic bones in half. During my last pregnancy they told me that was normal and my body is just developing for being pregnant. Also, your body is producing more blood for you and the baby so you will contract during labor. Your body actually goes through contractions called braxton hicks. So, these might just be stages of this.


Jessie - November 8

i am 23 weeks, and have been experiencing bad cramping since 15 weeks, i dont look like i'm spreading outward. it could just be the weight of the baby and everything that your body isn't used to... just a suggestion


tp - November 25

hi. i'm a mother of 3 and 7 weeks pregnant. from experience always consult with your doctor when you are having cramping that is more then just a dull pain. don't be afraid to ask for a sonogram


robin - December 10

hi i am about 18 wks and i think that cramping is your body stretching going through that and bad back pain and headaches.


Denise - December 10

I am 8 weeks pregnant and have had on and off again mild cramping. This is my first, so everything scares me. I go to my OBGYN on Monday, and will definately ask. I will keep you posted.


Jandi - December 15

I am around 6 weeks pregnant, I have had very mild cramps, I have a 1 year old daughter and had the same cramps with her! I went to the doctor Moday for them(LOL because Im a worry wart) but everything is fine! So try not to worry about it too much cause worrying can make the cramps worse!


Jennifer - January 13

Yes but I am 20 weeks and it is awful it feels like the baby is very low to me but I get plenty of cramping with it



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