Bad Headaches Nausea Acne

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Lil Lady - January 31

I have been having terrible headaches, nausea/gagging, & acne since before I knew I was pregnant! I can't seem to get rid of any of it! My head & neck kill me, my stomach feels icky eventhough I don't always throw up & feel icky & my face has errupted horribly! Nothing that I try clears it up. I feel like I've been plagued with something horrible. Everyone I know seems to think it's a girl since they say girls take the beauty out of ya, ha.....Anyone got any remedys or tips to feeling & looking better?!


sye - February 1

believe it or not, drink lots of water really face hasn't broken out in a very long time....


Priya Kanuga - February 16

I am 4 weeks along, and I have never had acne lidke this. My vision is not the same, and I feel dizzy and nauseaus.


coda - February 17

i am 10 wweks pregnant lol and i have all of these symptoms doc says they should go away round week 13 so just hold on i find vitemin e cream helps my skin' and sucking ice lollys helps the sickness and drink lots of water helps with the dizzyness


sdgirl79 - February 17

Acne is the worse, my skin is freaking out. I am almost 12 weeks and the horrible headaches and nausea have somewhat subsided. So they is hope. I can't wait the the acne to go away.


coda - February 17

sdgirl79 my big sister fell prenant quite young she was 16 and her skin on her face broke out and it has left her scared it has to do with hormones . i have just got a spotty cheast . apricot face scrup is good for acne how bad is it if u dont mind me asking? dont sqweeze them u dont want to scare


vicki - February 23

pregnancy acne is sooo much more painful than regular pimples. anyone else experience really painful acne...i am 15 weeks and look like my chin is full of these mountains...yuk! I don't know what to use?? Tried washing and moisturing every morning and night which doesnt help :(


Katie - February 25

Try switching to something less abrasive for sensitive skin or something and DON'T use the treatment creams. When I first became pregnant my regular face creams and washes were just making the problem worse. I switched to just using a normal face wash and I have not had any acne on my face since. I just get it on my back!!!!


Tanna - February 26

You know this pregnancy has given me new acne as well. I am really frustrated by it too~ it's like on my jaw line and a little down my neck area, also some on my chest. It's really grose isn't it?


vicki - February 27

hi katie, thanks for the advice..but what kind of face wash are you using that is helping? I have tried a whole bunch. My skin is generally dry. i think my skin will break out no matter what i use....unfortunately! It's all hormonal. I have recently tried adding fruit such as strawberries and oranges and bluberries to my diet that is supposed to be great for the skin. We'll see!!


Gail - February 27

My headaches have been miserable. I'm 14 weeks now and still suffering. I was on Dervasat, but it didn't help much...I'm currently waiting for my doctor to call and see what they can do to help me feel better. This, and gagging, just started for me about 3 weeks ago. So you're not alone!!!!



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