Bad Palpitations

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Donna - September 23

Hi. I know we have a thread on rapid heart beat, but as palpitations are quite different, I wanted to start a new one. I am 33 weeks pregnant, and out of the blue 2 weeks ago, I started to get the odd palpitation. This has got progressively worse, and they now go on for HOURS, especially at night or when I try to relax. I have seen a cardiologist and it has been diagnosed as an 'ectopic' heart beat. I have gone from walking twice a day and doing yoga, to having no energy at all. I can't sleep because the palpitations are keeping me awake. I can't relax, because as soon as I stop moving, the palpitations start. This is making me stressed and depressed. Anyone else going through this???? Anyone know any ways to manage it? I am told it is not dangerous as there is a 'normal' beat in between, but it's so distressing. Thanks.


Jade - September 26

I have been experiencing a similar thing, and it's very scary. I have even started to feel dizzy and faint, and have silver flecks that appear in my eyes from time to time. My cardiologist tells me that in my case it is a condition that is not dangerous and not treatable. This is little comfort when it feels so bad. I would also be interested in hearing if anyone else has similar symptoms and has been given any ideas on what to do about it.


Donna - September 27

My cardiologist too, has told me that this is a condition that is not dangerous - (I would advise anyone experiencing this to get it checked out though, as I had several tests to rule out anything serious). I have started on Magnesium as I read somewhere that 80% of people who have ectopics / palpitations are low in Magnesium - as I was. I am still trying to pinpoint what makes it worse / better. The palpitations are now starting earlier in the day too.


b - September 27

my OB suggested ma__sage on the side of my neck. She said sometimes this helps. Just put 2 fingers on one side by the adams apple ( I guess their is an artery or vein there or something) and rub in a circular motion. My palps. went away by 17 weeks. But they feel awful when you are experiencing them.


Donna - September 27

Thanks. I will try that. After another sleepless night in tears, any advice is welcome.


Patreasa - September 28

Donna, do you know if you have a heart murmur? I was diagnosed with one when i was 11 and now i'm 9 weeks pregnant and 27 and my doctor told me she could hear it good. My heart flutters and skipps all kinds of beats to the point to where i think i might have a heart attack...pregnancy can bring it on, because of the extra work the heart has to do to pump the extra blood in your body. lying on your left side to increase circulation is good. that's what i do, and it helps...


Donna - September 30

Hi Patreasa. All the cardiologist said was it was an 'ectopic' beat. I think he used the term 'evp' ??? I am now feeling what you are describing in terms of the flutters and skips (it started as a regular patter of ectopic then 'normal' beat). I find that it feels worse when I am on my left side, but I realise this is best for circulation. Have you been told if this effects the baby? Does yours get worse at night, after eating and after exercise? Does it sometimes make your head pound? Sorry, so many questions!!!! One last one - are you taking anything for it? My OB perscribed 'Minax' (Metoprolol) at a very low dose. Being a beta blocker, I am too scared to take it...........


mariah - October 1

I would say that your body will let you know if there is something wrong with you that is serious. I had heart palps bad in the first trimester and has all sorts of tests done and everything was great. I think it was just the hormones,the anxiety,low blood pressure and the body working harder. Now I have them sometimes and I'm almost 38 weeks. I get them when I lay down and have braxton hicks contractions. I think it's just a mixture of things. You could be lacking iron or calcium. Allot of things will bring this on. If you are a cafine drinker too. Just as long as you are not getting chest pains,shortness of breathe or dizzy or seeing spots I wouldn't worry



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